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Subscribed Business

Subscribed Business allows SaaS companies to create high quality business profiles and how the best version of themselves. More than 200 SaaS providers are already listed, your business should be too!

Establish a business identity with a profile, and get high quality review videos

A trusted, high quality video review can increase sales significantly. Customers love videos to understand the benefits of products, and Subscribed loves to help with that.



Create Your Subscribed Profile

List your product on oue product pages to help your customers find it easily. Also get your deals listed and reach more customers.

Get a Review Video

We know how to review your product and make it stand out. Our videos are always the highest quality\. One of the videos can be embedded to you product page afterwards, see what we did with Workmagic!

Keep Your Audience Engaged

Get additional review videos and let us announce new features, or anything that makes your product stand out with short 30 seconds video clips.



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