Take the Power to Never be Overcharged Again

Take the Power to Never be Overcharged Again

Boost your small business with our magic touch: effortlessly find, track, and optimize your SaaS subscriptions in a snap!

No Credit Card Required, No Hidden Charges

Certified Financial Security

With AES-256 and FIPS 140-2 Validation

Multi Factor Authentication

We keep you safe with multifactor authentication

Data Privacy

We keep your data save and secure!

Time to Get Automagical

Get started with the Subscription Wizard and take the power to slash your subscription bills.

  • The Subscription Wizard will lower your SaaS costs automagically.
  • Shh! get access to 200+ secret deals and offers on popular subscriptions.
  • Uncover and cancel forgotten subscriptions lurking in your bank statements. Magically.

Never Miss Price Updates

Have all your SaaS costs at your fingertips and never miss a price increase. Subscribed insights will help.

  • Save time and see all your SaaS costs in seconds.
  • Gain smart insights and recommendations for your subscriptions to unlock savings.
  • Get alerts of renewals and price increases, and stop spending on unnecessary subscriptions.

If you are a SaaS Business

Let us be your SaaS influencer and help you establish a business profile, get video content of your product and instantly boost customer engagement.

  • Establish a profile like Workmagic. We keep it transparent for both you and your customers.
  • Get a high quality product video demo, or let us showcase your product features. Produced by us for for you!
  • Get real users testing your product. We help to recruit one, three or twenty influencers speaking for you!

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Product FAQ

Everything you need to know about the product

Can I access from any device?

Yes, is designed to be accessible from various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. You can conveniently access the platform whenever and wherever you need it.

Is suitable for individual freelancers as well as agencies and teams? is suitable for all. We aim to cater to the needs of individual freelancers, agencies, and teams alike. Our goal is to empower users from all professional backgrounds to make informed decisions about SaaS tools.

How can simplify my decision-making for SaaS tools? provides a centralized platform where you can access comprehensive information about SaaS tools, making it easier for you to compare, evaluate, and select the best options for your specific requirements.

Can I compare different SaaS tools on

Absolutely! allows you to compare various SaaS tools side by side, helping you evaluate their features, pricing, and user reviews.

How can help me in selecting the right SaaS software? provides you with comprehensive insights, including pricing, reviews, and important information about SaaS tools. This enables you to make informed decisions based on your specific needs.

Why is Subscribed.FYI free?

Subscribed.FYI is free to use because vendors will pay us for any traffic they get from our site, this enables us to provide free insights into a wide range of SaaS tools.

Are you sponsored by any of the companies in your list?

No, we have no bias towards any provider. It is our objective to provide clear and transparent data to our users to ensure they can make the right choice for their small business.