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Zerox is a leading open-source platform connecting developers with Web3 markets, offering APIs for frictionless apps, crypto trading, token metadata, limit orders, realtime prices, and user-focused trading history. Ideal for developers, exchanges, and enterprises exploring DeFi opportunities.


What is Zerox?

Zerox is a leading open-source platform designed to connect developers with Web3 markets. It provides a suite of APIs and solutions that enable developers to build powerful financial products on crypto rails, enhancing trading speed, improving prices, and delivering a superior user experience within decentralized applications.

Why Use Zerox?

  • Frictionless Apps with Gasless Infrastructure: Zerox’s Transaction (Tx) Relay API facilitates the development of apps with end-to-end gasless infrastructure, ensuring a smooth user experience without the hindrance of gas fees.
  • Crypto Trading Powerhouse: The Swap API from Zerox empowers developers to enable crypto trading for thousands of tokens with the deepest liquidity, allowing for the creation of applications with robust trading capabilities.
  • Comprehensive Token Metadata: The upcoming Token Registry API enriches trading apps with comprehensive and curated token metadata, providing developers with essential data to enhance their applications.
  • Limit Orders with Orderbook API: The soon-to-be-released Orderbook API allows developers to introduce limit orders in their applications or tap directly into the 0x Orderbook, enhancing trading functionalities.
  • Realtime DEX Prices with Price API: The Price API, also on the horizon, offers real-time Decentralized Exchange (DEX) prices for any token, ensuring developers never miss trading opportunities.
  • User-Focused Trading History: Zerox’s Tx History API, coming soon, simplifies the display of users’ trading history in one centralized place, improving the user experience.

Who is Zerox For?

Zerox is tailored for developers and businesses venturing into the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. It caters to those seeking to harness the potential of Web3 markets, including:

  • Developers building decentralized applications (DApps).
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges looking to enhance their trading functionalities.
  • Financial institutions and enterprises exploring DeFi opportunities.

In conclusion, Zerox emerges as a vital tool for developers and businesses navigating the complexities of Web3 markets. With a comprehensive suite of APIs, a developer-friendly dashboard, and a commitment to security and uptime, Zerox empowers its users to create cutting-edge decentralized applications. Whether you are a seasoned developer or an enterprise looking to tap into the potential of decentralized finance, Zerox provides the essential building blocks for seamless, secure, and competitive crypto trading experiences. Elevate your Web3 applications with Zerox’s innovative solutions and contribute to the future of decentralized finance




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Pricing and Features

Product Tier

Dev- Free

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)


  • Request Rate: 1 request per second (RPS) per app
  • Apps: 1 app
  • API Calls: 100,000 API calls per month
  • Swap Fee: 0.15% per transaction


100K Requests


  • Request Rate: 10 requests per second (RPS) per app
  • Apps: 1 app
  • Payment: Pay-as-you-go
  • Swap Fee: 0.15% per transaction


Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)


  • Request Rate: 25 requests per second (RPS) per app
  • Apps: 5+ apps
  • API Calls: 6 million monthly
  • Swap Fee: 0% per transaction


Price Data Only

100K Requests


  • Request Rate: 100 requests per second (RPS) per app
  • Apps: 1 app
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing for flexibility.



Steps to cancel Zerox Subscription

Simplify your document journey: Cancel Zerox subscription seamlessly, unlocking new possibilities for streamlined document management. Click here to learn more.

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Product FAQ

What is Zerox, and how does it contribute to document management and workflow solutions?

Zerox is a document management and workflow solution designed to streamline and enhance document-related processes within organizations. It provides tools for efficient document creation, sharing, and collaboration, optimizing workflow efficiency.

How does Zerox help organizations improve document collaboration and sharing?

Zerox facilitates document collaboration by providing a centralized platform for creating, editing, and sharing documents. It enables real-time collaboration, version control, and secure sharing, fostering efficient teamwork and reducing the complexities of traditional document management.

Can Zerox be integrated with other business applications and tools?

Yes, Zerox is designed to be integrable with various business applications and tools. It supports integrations with third-party applications, allowing organizations to connect Zerox with their existing technology stack and streamline document-related workflows seamlessly.

What security features does Zerox offer for document management and sharing?

Zerox prioritizes document security by implementing encryption, access controls, and other security measures. It ensures that documents are stored and shared securely, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and protecting sensitive information.

Is Zerox suitable for businesses of different sizes and industries?

Yes, Zerox is versatile and adaptable to businesses of varying sizes and industries. Whether it’s a small business looking for a straightforward document management solution or a large enterprise with complex workflow requirements, Zerox provides the tools to optimize document-related processes for improved efficiency and collaboration.

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