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Open Source accelerates application development with a user-friendly interface for creating forms and APIs. It ensures flexibility, security, and tailored solutions for complex business applications. Ideal for developers, enterprises, and business process application builders. – A Revolutionary Combined Form and API Platform for Serverless Applications - Get the most out of Formio

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How to Use:

  • Step 1: Watch the tutorial video titled "0 to M.E.A.N in 30 minutes" for a walkthrough on using to build a Serverless application.
  • Step 2: View the demo of the Form Building and Form Rendering capability through the provided link: Form Building & Rendering Demo
  • Step 3: If you prefer to run locally, follow these steps:
    • Install Docker on your machine.
    • Download and unzip the package to a local directory.
    • Open your terminal and navigate to the unzipped folder.
    • Run the commands:
      npm install docker-compose up
    • Access via http://localhost:3001 in your browser.
    • Use the provided credentials (email: [email protected], password: CHANGEME) to login.
    • To change the admin password, follow these steps:
      • After logging in, click on the "Admin" resource.
      • Click "View Data".
      • Click on the "[email protected]" row.
      • Click "Edit Submission".
      • Set the new password in the password field.
      • Click "Save Submission".
    • Logout and enjoy using
  • Step 4: Alternatively, for manual installation (Node.js + MongoDB):
    • Ensure you have Node.js and MongoDB installed on your machine.
    • Clone or download the repository.
    • Navigate to the folder in your terminal.
    • Run the commands:
      npm install npm start
    • Access via http://localhost:3001 in your browser.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
    • Optionally, download the application from http://localhost:8080 if prompted during installation.
  • Step 5: For deploying forms and resources to Hosted platform:
    • Install CLI tool: npm install -g formio-cli
    • Create a new project within
    • Create an API Key for the project.
    • Execute the command to deploy the local project to hosted platform:
      formio deploy http://localhost:3001 https://{PROJECTNAME} --dst-key={APIKEY}
    • Replace {PROJECTNAME} and {APIKEY} with your project name and API key respectively.
  • Step 6: Explore the various features and capabilities of as per your project requirements.

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