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Fubo is a sports-centric live TV streaming service, offering extensive sports coverage, live channels, and cloud DVR functionality. Catering to cord-cutters and sports fans, Fubo provides flexibility, multiple device streaming, and no annual contracts.


What is Fubo?

Ditch the limitations of traditional cable packages and experience the freedom of live TV streaming. Fubo isn’t just another streaming service; it’s a sports-centric platform offering a wide range of live channels, extensive sports coverage, and cloud DVR functionality, all designed for the modern cord-cutter. Watch your favorite teams, shows, and news live or on-demand, and enjoy the flexibility to stream on multiple devices.

Why Choose Fubo?

Tired of the high costs and limited options of traditional cable TV? Here’s why Fubo stands out:

  • Focus on Live Sports: Fubo offers a extensive channel lineup featuring major sports networks, regional sports networks, and sports-specific channels, perfect for the ultimate sports fan.
  • Live TV & On-Demand Content: Enjoy a blend of live channels, including news, entertainment, and local channels, alongside a library of on-demand content for when you want to catch up.
  • Cloud DVR with Extensive Storage: Record your favorite shows and games without storage limitations, ensuring you never miss a moment.
  • Multiple Device Streaming: Stream Fubo on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, smart TV, gaming console, or other internet-connected devices, watching on your terms.
  • No Annual Contracts: Enjoy the flexibility of month-to-month plans, with no hidden fees or long-term commitments.
  • High-Quality Streaming: Experience crystal-clear picture quality for a premium viewing experience.

Who is Fubo For?

Fubo caters to cord-cutters and entertainment enthusiasts seeking a sports-focused live TV experience:

  • Sports Fans: Immerse yourself in a vast world of live sports, including professional leagues, college athletics, and international events.
  • Cord-Cutters: Replace traditional cable with a flexible and cost-effective live TV streaming solution.
  • Live TV Viewers: Enjoy a variety of live channels, including news, entertainment, and local programming.
  • Tech-Savvy Streamers: Fubo offers multi-device support and cloud DVR functionality, ideal for modern viewing habits.
  • Budget-Conscious Viewers: Benefit from no annual contracts and competitive pricing plans.

Fubo breaks the mold of traditional cable television, offering a sports-centric live TV experience with extensive channel options, cloud DVR functionality, and flexible viewing options. With its focus on live sports, on-demand content, and multi-device support, Fubo is the perfect choice for cord-cutters and sports fans seeking to stream live TV their way.



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Pricing and Features

Product Tier

Pro Plan

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Free Trial (Weeks)


  • 198 Channels: Access a wide range of channels for diverse content.
  • 1000 hrs Cloud DVR: Store your favorite shows and events for later viewing.
  • Multi-Screen Viewing: Watch on up to 10 screens simultaneously.
  • Free Trial: Try the Fubo Pro plan with a free trial.

Elite Plan

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Free Trial (Weeks)


  • 267 Channels: Extensive channel selection for varied entertainment.
  • 1000 hrs Cloud DVR: Store ample content for later viewing.
  • 4K Included: Enjoy stunning 4K resolution content.
  • Multi-Screen Viewing: Watch on up to 10 screens simultaneously.
  • Free Trial: Experience Fubo Elite with a trial.

Latino Plan

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Free Trial (Weeks)


  • 65 Channels: Access a selection of diverse Latino channels.
  • 250 Hours Cloud DVR: Store up to 250 hours of content.
  • Two-Screen Viewing: Watch on up to 2 screens simultaneously.
  • Free Trial: Try Fubo Latino with a complimentary trial.



Streamlining Your Live TV Options: Concluding Your FuboTV Journey

As your viewing preferences evolve or you explore alternative live TV streaming services, Fubo offers a clear and efficient process to terminate your subscription. To ensure a smooth transition and avoid unintended charges, kindly visit this dedicated page.

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Product FAQ

What are the main advantages of FuboTV compared to traditional cable TV?

FuboTV offers several benefits that might appeal to cord-cutters or those looking for an alternative to cable:

  • No Contracts: Unlike traditional cable with multi-year contracts, FuboTV typically operates on a month-to-month basis, offering more flexibility.
  • Lower Cost: FuboTV packages can potentially be cheaper than comparable cable TV packages, especially if you primarily watch sports and entertainment channels.
  • Multiple Device Streaming: FuboTV allows you to stream live TV content simultaneously on multiple devices within your home network, catering to multi-screen viewing habits.
  • Cloud DVR Storage: Record your favorite shows and movies with cloud DVR storage, allowing you to watch them later without filling up storage space on your devices.
  • Focus on Sports Channels: FuboTV boasts a strong selection of sports channels, making it a good option for sports fans who want to watch live games and events.

These advantages, particularly the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and focus on sports, make FuboTV a compelling alternative for some cable TV subscribers.

Does FuboTV offer any local channels in my area?

FuboTV’s availability of local channels can vary depending on your location:

  • Local Channel Availability: Local channel availability can be checked on the FuboTV website by entering your zip code. This will show you the specific channels included in your area’s FuboTV packages.
  • Importance of Local Channels: Local channels are crucial if you want to watch local news, weather, or sports teams that broadcast on local networks.
  • Alternatives for Local Channels: If your preferred local channels aren’t available on FuboTV, consider using an antenna to pick up local broadcasts for free.

Local channel availability is a crucial factor when choosing a live TV streaming service. Be sure to verify what’s offered in your area before subscribing to FuboTV.

What kind of internet connection speed do I need to stream FuboTV content smoothly?

For a smooth FuboTV streaming experience, a stable and sufficient internet connection speed is crucial:

  • FuboTV Recommendations: FuboTV recommends a minimum internet download speed of 25 Mbps for standard definition streaming and 50 Mbps for high definition streaming.
  • Factors Affecting Streaming Quality: The number of devices streaming simultaneously and other internet usage in your household can also impact the streaming quality.
  • Checking Your Internet Speed: Use online speed test websites to measure your current internet download speed and see if it meets FuboTV’s recommendations.

A reliable internet connection with sufficient speed is essential to avoid buffering and ensure a smooth FuboTV streaming experience.

Can I watch FuboTV content on my smart TV or other devices?

FuboTV offers compatibility with various devices, allowing you to stream content on multiple platforms:

  • Supported Devices: FuboTV has apps for smart TVs, streaming devices like Roku and Amazon Fire TV, mobile devices (iOS and Android), and computers.
  • Checking Device Compatibility: A list of compatible devices is available on the FuboTV website. Verify compatibility with your specific devices before subscribing.
  • Multi-Device Streaming: FuboTV allows you to stream simultaneously on multiple devices within your home network, depending on your chosen plan.

This multi-device compatibility allows you to enjoy FuboTV content on various platforms, catering to your viewing preferences.

Can I share my FuboTV subscription with friends or family outside my household?

FuboTV’s terms of service typically restrict account sharing outside your immediate household:

  • Intended for Household Use: FuboTV subscriptions are intended for use by those residing in your home network.
  • Concurrent Streaming Limits: FuboTV plans typically have limitations on the number of devices that can stream simultaneously. Sharing an account could exceed these limits.
  • Alternatives for Sharing Content: Consider legal streaming options that allow profile creation or multiple user accounts if you want to share content with people outside your household.

Sharing a subscription outside your household might violate FuboTV’s terms of service. Explore alternatives if you want to share content with others.

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