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Ghost is a versatile publishing platform for professionals, offering easy site design, advanced creator tools, audience growth features, and business management capabilities. Ideal for publishers, content creators, and businesses in modern publishing.

Ghost: Independent Technology for Modern Publishing - Get the most out of Ghost

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How to Use:

Deployment with Ghost(Pro) Managed Service:
  • Utilize Ghost(Pro) managed service for quick deployment with worldwide CDN, backups, security, and maintenance included.
  • Launch a new site in approximately 2 minutes, supporting open-source software development by contributing 100% of revenue to the Ghost Foundation.
Quickstart Install:
  • Install Ghost CLI globally with npm install ghost-cli -g.
  • For local installation, use ghost install local.
  • For production installation with automatic SSL setup, use ghost install.
Documentation and Additional Resources:
  • Refer to the official documentation for recommended hosting stack, upgrading Ghost, theme development, and API usage.
  • Advanced developers can follow development setup guides for contributing to Ghost or customizing core files.
Ghost Sponsors and Support:
  • Acknowledgment to sponsors like DigitalOcean and Fastly.
  • Access community support through the Ghost forum, with quick replies.
  • Ghost(Pro) customers have access to 24/7 email support.
Product Overview:
  • Ghost is described as a powerful application for professional publishers, offering tools for website building, content publishing, newsletter delivery, and subscription management.
Features and Capabilities:
  • Custom website design with full control over branding.
  • Advanced creator tools for publishing by web and email newsletter.
  • Audience growth tools through native signup forms and paid subscriptions.
  • Business management features including native analytics, offers, and promotions.
  • Integration library available for referral programs, push notifications, social sharing, payment gateways, A/B testing, and more.
Creator Stats:
  • Ghost publishers collectively earn over $25,000,000 annually with 0% payment fees.
  • Examples of successful creators, publishers, and businesses using Ghost.
Resources and Support:
  • Concierge migration service available for migrating content from various platforms to Ghost.
  • Access to certified professional freelancers and agencies for assistance.
  • Developer documentation for understanding Ghost's open-source nature and API usage.
Product Reliability and Foundation:
    • Ghost is described as open source, independent, and funded 100% by its users.
    • No investors involved, ensuring product reliability and transparency.
This information provides a comprehensive guide on how to use Ghost, including deployment options, installation steps, available resources, features, integrations, support options, and the product's foundation and reliability.

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