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Goalbook is an educational platform empowering educators to personalize instruction, collaborate, use data-driven solutions, and receive continuous support. It benefits teachers, administrators, school districts, and education advocates in improving student outcomes.


What is Goalbook?

Goalbook is an educational platform that empowers educators to transform instruction in order to ensure the success of all students. Working with school districts nationwide, Goalbook partners closely with educational leaders to provide support for teachers in implementing effective instructional practices. Founded by former teachers and administrators, Daniel Jhin Yoo and Justin Su, Goalbook was part of Y-Combinator/ImagineK12’s inaugural class and the first company funded…

Why Use Goalbook?

In the realm of education-focused platforms, Goalbook stands out by:

  1. Empowering Educators: Goalbook empowers educators to personalize instruction and support all students in achieving success, regardless of their backgrounds or learning needs.
  2. Collaborative Approach: Goalbook promotes collaboration between teachers, administrators, and educational leaders, fostering a community dedicated to improving instructional practices and student outcomes.
  3. Data-Driven Solutions: Through data analysis and insights, Goalbook provides educators with evidence-based strategies and tools to drive student achievement and growth.
  4. Continuous Support: Goalbook offers ongoing support and professional development opportunities to ensure that educators have the resources and skills needed to continually enhance instruction.

Who is Goalbook For?

Goalbook is designed for:

  1. Educators: Teachers at all levels and subject areas can benefit from Goalbook’s resources, strategies, and support to enhance their instructional practices and better meet the needs of diverse learners.
  2. Administrators: School administrators and educational leaders use Goalbook to drive school improvement initiatives, support teacher professional development, and ensure equitable outcomes for all students.
  3. School Districts: Goalbook partners with school districts to provide tailored solutions and support in implementing effective instructional strategies and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  4. Education Advocates: Individuals and organizations passionate about improving educational outcomes and promoting equity in K-12 public education can engage with Goalbook to contribute to positive change in the education system.

Goalbook offers a collaborative platform for educators, administrators, and education advocates to transform instruction and ensure the success of all students. By providing tools, resources, and support for personalized learning and data-driven practices, Goalbook plays a pivotal role in empowering educators and driving positive change in the K-12 public education system.



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Pricing and Features

Product Tier




  • Goal Setting: Set and track student goals.
  • Progress Monitoring: Monitor student progress towards goals.
  • Collaboration Tools: Collaborate with colleagues on student goals.
  • Advanced Reporting: Access more detailed reports on student progress.
  • Customizable Templates: Customize goal-setting templates.



Steps to Cancel Goalbook Subscription.

Canceling your Goalbook subscription is a simple process. You can follow a few easy steps to initiate the cancellation or explore options to switch to a different plan. For detailed instructions, refer to Goalbook Cancellation Guide.

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Product FAQ

What is Goalbook?

Goalbook is a digital platform designed to help individuals set and track their goals, whether they are personal, professional, or academic. It provides tools and resources to help users stay organized and motivated as they work towards achieving their goals.

How can Goalbook help me achieve my goals?

Goalbook offers a variety of features to support goal setting and achievement, including goal tracking, progress monitoring, task management, and personalized recommendations. By using Goalbook, you can stay focused, track your progress, and make adjustments as needed to reach your goals.

Is Goalbook suitable for individuals of all ages?

Yes, Goalbook is designed to be used by individuals of all ages, from students to professionals to retirees. Whether you are working towards academic success, career advancement, personal growth, or any other goal, Goalbook can help you stay on track and achieve your objectives.

Can I use Goalbook on my mobile device?

Yes, Goalbook is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, making it easy to access your goals and track your progress on the go. You can also use Goalbook on your computer through the web-based platform for added convenience.

Is Goalbook free to use?

Goalbook offers a free version with basic features, as well as a premium subscription option with additional tools and resources. You can choose the plan that best fits your needs and budget to get started on your goal-setting journey with Goalbook.

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