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Switchboard is a cloud-based phone system that revolutionizes business communication. With features like virtual phone numbers, call routing, and analytics, it empowers companies to streamline their phone operations and enhance customer interactions.


What is switchboard.app?

switchboard.app is an async-first collaboration platform designed to enhance team communication and decision-making while minimizing the need for traditional meetings. The platform aims to facilitate faster workflow by providing a space for sharing ideas, giving feedback, and making decisions asynchronously, reducing reliance on real-time meetings.

Key Features

  • Async-First Collaboration: switchboard.app prioritizes asynchronous communication, allowing team members to collaborate on ideas and projects without the constraints of simultaneous schedules.
  • Idea Sharing: The platform provides a space for team members to share ideas, fostering creativity and collaboration even when team members are not online simultaneously.
  • Feedback Loop: Users can give and receive feedback within the platform, creating a streamlined feedback loop that contributes to continuous improvement and project refinement.
  • Decision-Making Tools: switchboard.app offers features to facilitate decision-making processes, enabling teams to make informed choices and progress without the need for lengthy meetings.
  • Efficiency and Speed: By embracing an async-first approach, switchboard.app aims to enhance overall efficiency, allowing teams to move faster and achieve their goals with fewer traditional meetings.

Who is switchboard.app For?

switchboard.app is ideal for

  • Remote Teams: Remote teams can benefit from the asynchronous collaboration model, enabling members in different time zones to contribute and communicate effectively.
  • Project Teams: Teams working on projects that require continuous collaboration and feedback can leverage switchboard.app for streamlined communication and decision-making.
  • Organizations Emphasizing Productivity: For organizations prioritizing productivity and efficiency, switchboard.app provides a platform that aligns with an async-first approach to work.

In conclusion, switchboard.app offers a solution for teams seeking to enhance collaboration, share ideas, and make decisions more efficiently through an async-first platform. By minimizing the reliance on synchronous meetings, the platform aims to accelerate workflows and improve overall team productivity.




30-Day Free Trial
Switchboard Free Plan: Enjoy 30 Days of Pro Features for New Accounts!


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6% Per Year

Pricing and Features

Product Tier


Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)


  • Free Plan Highlights: Ideal for very small teams or individuals.
  • Workspace Access: Get your workspace up and running.
  • Pro Features Trial: All new accounts receive 30 days of Pro features.



Steps to Cancel Switchboard Subscription

To cancel your subscription with Switchboard, go to the “Plans & Billing” tab in Workspace preferences, where admins can cancel a subscription renewal. Access will be available until the billing cycle ends, and canceling a paid plan moves the subscription to the free tier on renewal. Note that no refunds are provided for unused subscriptions. For more details, click here.

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Product FAQ

What is Switchboard.app, and how does it differ from other browsers for meetings?

Switchboard.app is a specialized browser designed for meetings, providing a tailored experience for online collaboration. It may differ from standard browsers by offering features specifically geared towards optimizing the meeting and collaboration experience.

What features does Switchboard.app offer to enhance the meeting experience?

Switchboard.app may offer features like seamless integration with popular meeting platforms, dedicated meeting-focused tabs or windows, and enhanced controls for managing meeting settings. These features aim to streamline the meeting process and improve user experience.

Is Switchboard.app compatible with various meeting platforms, and can it be used for both video and audio meetings?

Switchboard.app may support compatibility with a range of meeting platforms, including video and audio conferencing tools. Users can potentially join and manage meetings directly within the browser, providing a centralized and efficient meeting experience.

How does Switchboard.app handle security and privacy concerns during meetings?

Switchboard.app may prioritize security and privacy during meetings by implementing encryption for data in transit and adhering to industry-standard security practices. It might offer features to control meeting access, secure user data, and prevent unauthorized access.

Can Switchboard.app be customized to fit individual meeting preferences, and does it support integrations with other productivity tools?

Switchboard.app may offer customization options to fit individual meeting preferences, such as personalized settings and layouts. Additionally, it might support integrations with other productivity tools, allowing users to seamlessly connect their meeting experience with other collaborative platforms.

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