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GoatCounter is an open-source, privacy-friendly web analytics platform. It prioritizes simplicity, transparency, and accessibility. Perfect for website owners, privacy-conscious individuals, developers, and small businesses seeking essential insights without compromising user privacy.


What is GoatCounter?

GoatCounter is an open-source web analytics platform designed to be simple, privacy-focused, and accessible. It offers essential website traffic insights without the complex dashboards and intrusive data collection often found in other tools.

Why Use GoatCounter?

Unlike traditional web analytics tools that can be intimidating and privacy-invasive, GoatCounter prioritizes a clean and straightforward approach. This means:

  • Privacy-friendly: GoatCounter respects user privacy by not relying on cookies or personal data. It identifies unique visits using anonymous hashes, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Easy to use: With a clean interface and minimal configuration, GoatCounter is perfect for those who want basic website traffic information without getting bogged down in technical details.
  • Transparent and open-source: The code is open-source and publicly available, allowing you to trust the platform and even contribute to its development.
  • Lightweight and performant: GoatCounter uses minimal resources and doesn’t slow down your website, making it ideal for personal projects or low-traffic sites.
  • Accessible: Designed with accessibility in mind, GoatCounter works well with assistive technologies, ensuring everyone can access your website analytics.

Who is GoatCounter For?

While some web analytics tools cater to large corporations with complex needs, GoatCounter shines for those who value simplicity and privacy. This includes:

  • Website owners and bloggers: Gain insights into your audience, understand what content resonates, and improve your website based on data.
  • Privacy-conscious individuals: Track your website traffic without compromising user privacy.
  • Developers and designers: Easily integrate GoatCounter into your website code and customize it to your needs.
  • Small businesses and non-profits: Get essential website traffic information without complex tools or expensive subscriptions.

GoatCounter offers a compelling alternative to traditional web analytics tools for those who value simplicity, privacy, and ethical data practices. Whether you’re a tech-savvy developer or a casual blogger, GoatCounter provides the insights you need to understand your website audience and make informed decisions.




Open Source
Free Usage for Community
GoatCounter: Easy Web Analytics without Tracking Personal Data

Pricing and Features

Product Tier

Open Source



  • Privacy Focus: GDPR-compliant, no unique identifiers, user-centric tracking.
  • Lightweight & Fast: Only ~3.5KB data, supports JavaScript-free tracking option.
  • Cookie-Free Identification: Identifies visits without storing personal data persistently.
  • Rich Statistics: Captures browser details, location, screen size, and referrals.
  • Simplicity: Streamlined alternative to complex analytics platforms.
  • Accessibility Priority: Interface designed for seamless screen reader compatibility.
  • Open Source Commitment: Transparent code, self-hostable, and GitHub availability.


Product FAQ

What makes GoatCounter different from other web analytics tools like Google Analytics?

Unlike Google Analytics, GoatCounter prioritizes privacy and focuses on simplicity. It doesn’t collect personal data like IP addresses or user agents, respecting visitor anonymity. Additionally, GoatCounter offers a clear and minimalist interface, avoiding complex reports and overwhelming data visualizations.

Is GoatCounter truly free to use, and are there any hidden costs?

Yes, GoatCounter is completely free for basic website tracking with unlimited pageviews. It doesn’t require any subscriptions or hidden fees. However, for advanced features like custom domains, private reports, and data exports, paid plans are available.

How much technical knowledge is needed to set up and use GoatCounter?

GoatCounter prides itself on being user-friendly. You can install it with just a few lines of code or simply paste a script into your website’s header. Additionally, the platform offers clear documentation and a helpful community forum for assistance.

What kind of insights and data does GoatCounter offer compared to more feature-rich analytics tools?

While GoatCounter doesn’t provide intricate user demographics or behavioral tracking, it offers essential website statistics like pageviews, unique visitors, referrals, and popular content. This might be sufficient for simple websites or those prioritizing privacy over in-depth analytics.

How does GoatCounter handle data security and privacy compared to other analytics platforms?

GoatCounter emphasizes data privacy at its core. It doesn’t store any personal data or user identifiers, making it compliant with stricter privacy regulations like GDPR. Additionally, GoatCounter relies on self-hosting, giving you full control over where your data is stored.

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