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Peacock redefines streaming with exclusive originals, classics, and popular movies. Enjoy curated content, multi-device streaming, and personalized profiles. Ideal for entertainment seekers of all ages. Unleash a world of entertainment with Peacock.


What is Peacock?

Ditch the subscription fatigue and limited selections of traditional cable. Peacock isn’t just another streaming platform; it’s a premium destination packed with exclusive originals, critically-acclaimed shows, classic hits, and popular movies. Forget the hassle of channel surfing or fragmented content across various services. Peacock offers a curated library of entertainment, convenient features, and the ability to watch on a variety of devices, ensuring you’ll always have something to watch.

Why Choose Peacock?

Looking for a streaming service that offers more than just the same old content? Here’s why Peacock stands out:

  • Original Content Hub: Immerse yourself in a growing library of original series, movies, documentaries, and kids shows produced by Peacock, spanning various genres and featuring A-list talent.
  • Curated Selection of Favorites: Enjoy classic shows you love, binge-worthy hidden gems, and popular movies all conveniently available in one place.
  • Free and Premium Tiers: Choose the plan that fits your needs, with a free tier offering a limited selection of content and a premium tier unlocking the full library.
  • Multi-Device Streaming: Enjoy Peacock on your terms, by streaming content on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, gaming console, smart TV, or other internet-connected devices.
  • Download and Watch Offline: Download select movies and shows to watch on the go, even without an internet connection.
  • Multiple Profiles: Create separate profiles for different users, ensuring a personalized viewing experience for everyone in the family.
  • High-Quality Streaming: Enjoy your favorite content in stunning picture quality (on select plans).

Who is Peacock For?

Peacock caters to entertainment enthusiasts of all ages and interests:

  • Fans of Originals: Be the first to discover and devour fresh and exciting content produced exclusively for Peacock.
  • Sitcom Devotees: Relive classic comedies or discover new laugh-out-loud favorites.
  • Movie Buffs: Explore a wide range of movies, from timeless classics to recent blockbusters (availability may vary depending on plan).
  • Documentary Lovers: Expand your knowledge with thought-provoking and visually stunning documentaries.
  • Families with Kids: Find a safe and entertaining space for children with a curated selection of kids shows and movies (parental guidance recommended for some content).
  • Cord-Cutters Seeking Quality Content: Ditch cable and experience a variety of high-quality entertainment with both free and premium options.

Peacock stands out as a leader in the streaming wars by offering more than just a library of content. Its commitment to exclusive originals, curated selections of favorites, free and premium tiers, multi-device support, offline viewing capabilities, multiple profiles, and high-quality streaming makes it the perfect choice for anyone seeking to unleash a world of entertainment, discover new favorites, and relive classic shows and movies.




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Pricing and Features

Product Tier


Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)

No Trial

  • Extensive Library: Movies, TV shows, Peacock Originals, and more.
  • Live Sports: Exciting live sporting events to stay on top of the game.
  • Channels 24/7: Endless entertainment w/ diverse channels.
  • Ad-Supported Viewing: With brief commercial interruptions.

Premium Plus

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)

No Trial

  • Premium Benefits: Includes benefits from the premium plan.
  • Ad-Free Viewing: Watch favorite content with zero commercial interruptions.
  • Downloadable Content: Download select content for offline enjoyment anytime.
  • Local NBC Affiliate: Watch live local news and NBC broadcasts.



Streamlining Your Streaming Selection: Concluding Your Peacock Experience

As your viewing habits shift or you discover new streaming platforms, Peacock provides a clear and efficient method to conclude your subscription. To ensure a smooth transition and avoid unintended charges, kindly visit this dedicated page.

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Product FAQ

How does Peacock compare to other streaming services like Netflix or Hulu?

Here’s a brief comparison of Peacock with other popular streaming services:

  • Content Focus: Peacock focuses on content from NBCUniversal, including current NBC shows, classic hits, and Peacock Originals. Netflix and Hulu offer a broader library encompassing various studios and networks.
  • Live Content: Peacock offers some live sports and news depending on your plan. Netflix and Hulu primarily focus on on-demand content.
  • Price: Peacock’s free tier sets it apart, offering a way to access some content without a subscription. Netflix and Hulu have tiered subscription models but don’t offer a free option.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your viewing preferences and budget. Consider what kind of content you prioritize, whether live programming is important, and if a free tier is appealing before deciding which streaming service best suits your needs.

Does Peacock offer parental control features to restrict content for my children?

Peacock understands the importance of parental control for viewers with young children. Here’s what they offer:

  • PIN-protected Profiles: While Peacock doesn’t have multiple user profiles, you can set up a PIN-protected profile. This restricts access to content deemed mature based on ratings.
  • Content Ratings: Pay attention to content ratings displayed before starting a movie or show. This helps you make informed viewing choices for your children.

Remember, parental guidance is still crucial. Even with content restrictions, it’s advisable to supervise younger viewers or discuss their viewing choices with them.

Does Peacock offer any Spanish-language content or options?

Yes, Peacock recognizes the growing demand for Spanish-language content:

  • Spanish-Language Content: Peacock features a dedicated channel and curated selections of movies, shows, and Peacock Originals dubbed or subtitled in Spanish. This caters to Spanish-speaking viewers or those who enjoy content in both languages.
  • Closed Captioning and Subtitles: Many English-language programs on Peacock offer Spanish closed captioning or subtitle options. This allows viewers to follow dialogue in Spanish while watching the original program.

By offering Spanish-language content and accessibility features, Peacock strives to be more inclusive and cater to a wider audience.

Can I share my Peacock account with others and how many devices can I stream simultaneously?

Peacock’s terms of service typically restrict account sharing. Here’s what to consider:

  • Intended for Single Use: Peacock subscriptions are intended for individual use. Sharing your login credentials with others violates their terms and could lead to account suspension.
  • Limited Simultaneous Streams: The number of devices allowed to stream simultaneously depends on your subscription plan. The free tier might limit it to one device, while premium plans might offer streaming on multiple devices at once.

Consider exploring Peacock’s family plans (if available) if you want to share access with multiple household members.

Can I create profiles for different users on my Peacock account?

Unfortunately, Peacock doesn’t currently offer the ability to create multiple user profiles within a single account. This means everyone using your account will see the same recommendations and watch history.

However, Peacock personalizes content recommendations based on your viewing habits. So, over time, the suggestions might cater more towards your specific interests.

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