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Public Storage

Public Storage offers nationwide self-storage solutions with diverse options and excellent service. Whether for individuals, businesses, or students, their facilities provide convenient storage for various needs, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.


What is Public Storage?

Public Storage is a renowned leader in the self-storage industry, offering a vast network of facilities across the United States. Known for its commitment to excellent customer service and a wide range of storage unit sizes and types, Public Storage provides flexible storage solutions to meet diverse customer needs.

Why Choose Public Storage?

In the competitive landscape of self-storage providers, Public Storage excels with:

  • Extensive Facility Network: Public Storage boasts a widespread network of storage facilities, making it convenient for customers to find storage solutions near their home or business.
  • Variety of Storage Options: From small lockers to large units for vehicles and business inventory, Public Storage offers a diverse selection of storage sizes and types to accommodate different storage needs.
  • Customer Service Excellence: Public Storage is committed to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring a seamless storage experience with knowledgeable staff and convenient access hours.
  • Accessibility and Convenience: With user-friendly online booking and payment options, along with flexible lease terms, Public Storage makes storing belongings easy and hassle-free.

Who Uses Public Storage?

Public Storage serves a broad spectrum of customers, including:

  • Individuals and Families: Homeowners and renters utilize Public Storage for seasonal storage, decluttering, moving transitions, and storing recreational vehicles.
  • Businesses: Small businesses and large corporations rely on Public Storage for storing inventory, documents, equipment, and commercial vehicles.
  • Students and Mobile Professionals: Students and professionals who require temporary storage solutions during academic breaks or relocations benefit from Public Storage’s flexible options.
  • Retailers and Contractors: Retailers, contractors, and service providers utilize Public Storage for warehousing excess inventory, tools, and supplies.

In summary, Public Storage is a trusted provider of flexible and convenient self-storage solutions across the nation. Whether you’re seeking short-term storage for personal items or long-term storage for business assets, Public Storage offers reliable options backed by excellent customer service and accessibility.



Public Storage

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Pricing and Features

Product Tier

Storage Units


$70 - $310

  • Indoor Storage : Covered units down a hallway for protection.
  • Elevator Access : Indoor units with convenient elevator access.
  • Climate Controlled : Temperature-regulated units for sensitive items.
  • Weather Moderation : Cooling or heating based on weather conditions.
  • Drive-Up Storage : Easy drive-up access with spacious loading areas.
  • Roll-Up Doors : Outdoor units with large, roll-up doors.

Vehicle Storage



  • Keypad Access : Secure entry with personalized keypad access.
  • Friendly Staff : Helpful and approachable staff on site.
  • Month-to-Month Rent : Flexible rental terms without long commitments.
  • Moving Supplies : Moving supplies available for purchase.
  • Free Parking : Complimentary parking while you visit.
  • Well-Lit Facilities : Brightly lit for safety and convenience.



Ending Your Public Storage Account

As your storage needs and preferences evolve, Public Storage understands the importance of flexibility. Whether you are relocating, downsizing, or exploring alternative storage solutions, we provide a straightforward process to manage your account. To close your Public Storage account and ensure a smooth transition, please visit this page.

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Product FAQ

What is Public Storage?

Public Storage is a self-storage company that provides rental units to individuals and businesses for storing personal belongings, furniture, vehicles, and more. They operate facilities across the United States and offer various sizes of storage units to meet different needs.

How do I rent a storage unit from Public Storage?

Renting a storage unit from Public Storage is easy. You can visit their website to find nearby locations, browse available units, and check prices. Alternatively, you can call their customer service or visit a local facility to speak with a representative, who can assist you in choosing the right unit size and completing the rental process.

What sizes of storage units does Public Storage offer?

Public Storage offers a wide range of storage unit sizes to accommodate different storage needs. Units typically range from small lockers or closets (for storing boxes or small items) to larger units capable of storing furniture, vehicles, or the contents of a multi-bedroom house.

How can I access my belongings at Public Storage?

Customers have convenient access to their storage units at Public Storage facilities. Most locations provide gated access with personalized entry codes for added security. Access hours vary by location but generally include extended hours seven days a week, allowing flexibility to retrieve or store items as needed.

What security measures does Public Storage have in place?

Public Storage prioritizes the security of customers’ belongings. Their facilities are equipped with features such as video surveillance, well-lit premises, and secure gates with electronic access. Additionally, some locations offer climate-controlled units to protect sensitive items from temperature extremes.

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