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Volvo Cars Financial Services

Volvo Cars Financial Services simplifies car ownership with a flexible subscription lease program. Offering diverse Volvo models, it caters to urban professionals, families, and businesses seeking hassle-free mobility solutions through an all-inclusive monthly payment.


What is Volvo Cars Financial Services?

Volvo Cars Financial Services offers a flexible subscription lease program that simplifies car ownership with an all-inclusive monthly payment. Tailored to modern lifestyles, Volvo’s subscription model provides access to a range of vehicles with the flexibility to change cars as needs evolve, all backed by Volvo’s commitment to quality and service.

Why Choose Volvo Cars Financial Services?

Volvo Cars Financial Services stands out in the automotive industry with:

  • Flexible Subscription Options: The subscription model allows customers to enjoy a Volvo vehicle with a single monthly payment covering everything from maintenance to insurance, providing convenience and peace of mind.
  • Diverse Vehicle Selection: Subscribers can choose from a variety of Volvo models, adapting their vehicle choice to suit changing needs or preferences without the commitment of traditional ownership.
  • Comprehensive Service and Support: Volvo’s reputation for reliability extends to its financial services, ensuring customers receive excellent support and assistance throughout their subscription term.
  • Innovative Approach to Mobility: Embracing a modern approach to car ownership, Volvo’s subscription service aligns with contemporary consumer preferences for flexibility and simplicity.

Who Uses Volvo Cars Financial Services?

Volvo Cars Financial Services caters to:

  • Urban Professionals: Individuals who prefer hassle-free mobility solutions without the complexities of traditional car ownership.
  • Families: Seeking a convenient and flexible way to accommodate changing transportation needs over time.
  • Businesses: Looking to provide employees with premium vehicle options through corporate subscription plans.
  • Tech-Savvy Consumers: Embracing new models of car access that prioritize convenience and flexibility.

In summary, Volvo Cars Financial Services offers a forward-thinking subscription model that redefines car ownership by combining Volvo’s renowned quality with flexibility and simplicity. Whether for individuals, families, or businesses, Volvo’s subscription service provides a modern solution to enjoying premium vehicles with ease.



Volvo Cars Financial Services

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Pricing and Features

Product Tier

All-Inclusive Car Subscription



  • All-inclusive : Covers maintenance, insurance, and tire protection hassle-free.
  • Easy Subscription : Simple online signup, no negotiations, choose pickup time.
  • Flexible Terms : No long commitments, upgrade options after 12 months.
  • Maintenance Coverage : Includes factory scheduled maintenance.
  • Excess Wear Protection : Protection against excessive wear and tear.
  • Insurance Included : Coverage provided as part of the package.
  • Roadside Assistance 24/7 : Support available round-the-clock.
  • Tire & Wheel Protection : Covers road hazard damage to tires and wheels.

Volvo Roadside Plus

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


  • Roadside Assistance: Towing, battery jump, lockout, flat tire change, fuel delivery.
  • Trip Interruption: Benefits up to $500 for unexpected interruptions.
  • Additional Vehicle Coverage: Includes one household vehicle of any brand.



Ending Your Volvo Cars Financial Services Subscription

As your automotive needs and preferences may change, Volvo Cars Financial Services understands the importance of flexibility in managing your subscription. Whether you are considering alternative leasing options or adjusting your transportation requirements, we provide a straightforward process to cancel your subscription. To ensure a seamless transition and to avoid any unintended charges, please visit this page.

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Product FAQ

What is Volvo Cars Financial Services?

Volvo Cars Financial Services is the financial arm of Volvo Car USA, offering a range of financing options and services tailored to Volvo customers. They provide financing for vehicle purchases, leasing solutions, and Volvo’s subscription service called Care by Volvo.

What is Care by Volvo?

Care by Volvo is a subscription service offered by Volvo Cars Financial Services. It allows customers to drive a Volvo vehicle without the traditional ownership responsibilities. Subscribers pay a flat monthly fee that includes the vehicle, insurance, maintenance, and other services. The subscription terms are flexible and can be customized to suit individual needs.

What financing options are available through Volvo Cars Financial Services?

Volvo Cars Financial Services provides various financing options for purchasing or leasing a Volvo vehicle. These options may include retail installment contracts (loans), lease agreements, and special financing promotions such as low APR offers for qualified customers.

How can I make payments on my Volvo Cars Financial Services account?

Customers can conveniently make payments on their Volvo Cars Financial Services account through several methods. These typically include online payment options through the Volvo Cars website or mobile app, automatic deductions from a bank account, phone payments, and traditional mail-in payments.

What additional services does Volvo Cars Financial Services offer?

In addition to financing and Care by Volvo subscriptions, Volvo Cars Financial Services may offer extended warranty options, protection plans for vehicle maintenance and repairs, as well as programs to assist with vehicle trade-ins or end-of-lease options. These services are designed to enhance the ownership and subscription experience for Volvo customers.

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