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Clearbit offers AI-powered B2B data intelligence, enriching customer data for targeted marketing and sales. Benefit from accurate insights, automated workflows, and personalized campaigns, ideal for marketing, sales, customer success teams, and developers.

How to Cancel Clearbit Subscription

While Clearbit doesn’t offer a self-service cancellation option through their website, here’s how to effectively close your account:

Contacting Clearbit Support:

  1. Email: Send an email to [email protected] clearly stating your intent to cancel your subscription.
  2. Provide Account Information: Include your account details (company name, email address associated with the account) for efficient processing.
  3. Request Confirmation: Ask for a confirmation email acknowledging your cancellation request to ensure a smooth process.

Additional Notes:

  • Clearbit offers various subscription plans and add-ons. The cancellation process might involve additional steps or verification depending on your specific plan configuration.
  • Reviewing Clearbit’s Terms of Service or contacting support for detailed information regarding cancellation rights, potential termination clauses, and data transition procedures is advisable.

Due to the potential for automatic renewal and potential uncertainties regarding prorated refunds, it’s crucial to contact Clearbit support well before your renewal date to effectively cancel your subscription and avoid unwanted charges.

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