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Marketing & Analytics


DocSend is a secure file-sharing and analytics platform empowering protected sending, real-time tracking, customizable experiences, e-signatures, version control, and actionable document engagement insights for sales, marketing, legal, creative, real estate, project management, and other professionals.


What is DocSend?

Forget the limitations of email attachments and insecure file-sharing solutions. DocSend, a Dropbox product, is a powerful file-sharing platform that empowers you to securely share, track, and analyze your critical documents, streamlining collaboration and ensuring sensitive information stays protected. Ditch the frustration of version control, limited visibility, and security concerns – DocSend provides a seamless and secure environment for sharing documents, offering valuable insights into how your content is being engaged with.

Why Choose DocSend?

Struggling with insecure file sharing, clunky email attachments, and limited insights into document engagement? DocSend offers a compelling solution:

  • Secure document sharing: Share files with password protection, access control, and granular permission settings, ensuring only authorized individuals can access your documents.
  • Real-time tracking and analytics: Gain detailed insights into who has viewed your documents, for how long, and on which pages they focused, uncovering valuable engagement data.
  • Seamless integrations: Integrate DocSend with Dropbox, Google Drive, and other popular tools for a smooth workflow and centralized file management.
  • Beautiful and branded experiences: Deliver customized landing pages for your shared documents, reflecting your brand identity and enhancing the recipient experience.
  • E-signatures and annotations: Facilitate collaboration and agreement processes with built-in e-signature capabilities and annotation tools.
  • Scalability and security: Securely share large files and collaborate with teams of any size, with enterprise-grade security features and compliance certifications.

Who is DocSend For?

DocSend empowers various individuals and teams across various industries:

  • Sales and marketing professionals: Securely share proposals, contracts, and presentations with detailed tracking and engagement analytics to optimize your content and close deals faster.
  • Designers and creative agencies: Showcase design portfolios, presentations, and prototypes with password protection and branded experiences, ensuring your work shines.
  • Legal and financial professionals: Share sensitive documents like contracts, NDAs, and financial statements securely with granular access control and detailed audit logs.
  • Real estate agents and brokers: Share property listings, contracts, and other confidential documents with potential buyers securely and efficiently.
  • Project managers and teams: Collaborate on documents with real-time tracking, annotations, and version control, streamlining communication and project oversight.
  • Anyone seeking a secure and insightful way to share documents: Regardless of your profession or role, DocSend offers a secure and data-driven approach to sharing and collaborating on important files.

DocSend stands out as a secure and versatile platform that goes beyond traditional file sharing. Its commitment to robust security features, insightful tracking analytics, and a user-friendly interface makes it an attractive choice for anyone seeking to share documents confidently, track engagement effectively, and gain valuable insights into their content’s impact. Whether you’re a salesperson closing deals, a designer showcasing your work, or a team collaborating on sensitive documents, DocSend empowers you to share with confidence and gain valuable insights into how your content is performing.




Marketing and Analytics
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Pricing and Features

Product Tier

Personal Plan

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)

No Trial

  • Individual Focus: Tailored for personal use.
  • Sharing Controls: Basic yet effective document sharing controls at your fingertips.
  • Document Analytics: Gain insights with analytics for each individual document.
  • 4 eSignatures/Month: Streamline processes with up to 4 eSignatures monthly.
  • Unlimited Visitors: Engage without limits—welcome an unlimited number of visitors.

Standard Plan

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)

No Trial

  • Business Teams: Tailored for collaborative business teams with exclusive features.
  • All Personal Features: Includes all features available in the Personal plan.
  • Unlimited Spaces: Support multi-file sharing seamlessly with unlimited spaces.
  • Video & Rich Media Analytics: Gain insights into video and rich media engagement.
  • File Requests: Streamline docs collection with convenient file request functionality.
  • Customizable Branding: Make DocSend your own with customizable branding options.
  • Unlimited eSignatures: Enhance productivity with an unlimited quota for eSignatures.

Advanced Plan

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)

No Trial

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Advanced features for seamless team collaboration.
  • Subfolders for Spaces: Efficiently organize data within subfolders in Spaces.
  • Folder-Level Security: Granular access control with folder-level security measures.
  • Email Verification: Viewer authenticity through email verification for security.
  • Allow/Block Viewer List: Manage document access with precision using viewer lists.
  • Watermarking: Personalized watermarks for dynamic and secure content protection.
  • NDAs and Gating: Implement NDAs and gating agreements for controlled access.

Advanced+ (Beta)

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)


  • Enhanced Features: Everything from the Advanced Plan and more.
  • Virtual Data Rooms: Dedicated spaces for secure document sharing.
  • File Indexing: Efficient search capabilities with comprehensive file indexing.
  • Extended Storage: Double the storage capacity per virtual space.
  • Collaborative Spaces: Enhance collaboration within dedicated virtual data rooms.
  • Optimized Workflows: Streamlined processes for improved efficiency.
  • Security Measures: Reinforced security features for sensitive document handling.




Tailored Solutions: Customize features to meet specific team requirements.



Concluding Your DocSend Enrollment

Should you wish to discontinue your DocSend subscription, the process is designed for simplicity and ease. To ensure a smooth cancellation and avoid recurring charges, please refer to this page.

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Product FAQ

What is DocSend and how does it differ from other file-sharing platforms?

DocSend is a secure document sharing platform designed specifically for business use. Unlike general file-sharing platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive, DocSend prioritizes security, control, and analytics for professional documents. Features like password protection, expiry dates, and detailed tracking empower you to control who can access your documents and how they interact with them.

How does DocSend handle data privacy and security, especially for sensitive documents?

DocSend takes data privacy and security seriously. They comply with industry-standard security practices and regulations like GDPR and SOC 2. Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit, and you have control over access permissions and document visibility. Additionally, DocSend offers transparency about their data practices and security measures.

Beyond basic security features, how does DocSend ensure the complete confidentiality of my sensitive documents?

DocSend takes a multi-layered approach to document security. All uploaded files are encrypted at rest and in transit, adhering to industry-standard protocols. You can further enhance security by setting strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and utilizing features like custom access controls and document watermarks. Additionally, DocSend offers data residency options to ensure your documents are stored within specific geographic regions based on compliance requirements. Remember, responsible data handling practices on your end, like avoiding sharing sensitive information in file names or comments, are also crucial for maintaining confidentiality.

How can I leverage DocSend's tracking and analytics features to gain valuable insights into document interactions?

DocSend provides detailed activity reports for each shared document. These reports reveal when recipients opened the document, how long they viewed it, which pages they focused on, and even if they downloaded it. You can also see if they added annotations or comments, indicating their level of engagement. By analyzing these insights, you can understand how recipients interact with your documents, gauge their interest in specific sections, and tailor future communications or presentations accordingly. DocSend’s analytics empower data-driven decisions about your document sharing strategy.

Are there any limitations or potential drawbacks to consider when using DocSend compared to other file-sharing platforms?

While DocSend excels in secure document sharing and detailed analytics, some limitations exist. The free plan has restricted features and storage space, and paid plans might exceed the budget of individual users compared to basic file-sharing services. Additionally, DocSend doesn’t offer advanced editing capabilities like some collaborative document platforms. Carefully assess your document sharing needs, security requirements, and budget constraints before choosing DocSend to ensure it aligns perfectly with your workflow and priorities.

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