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Editor X

Editor X is a cutting-edge website design platform by Wix. Empowering users with advanced design capabilities, it enables the creation of responsive and visually stunning websites, perfect for professionals and businesses.

How to cancel Editor X

Navigating the cancellation of your Editor X subscription can seem daunting, but with clear steps and the right tools, you can manage this process effortlessly. offers an excellent solution for managing your subscriptions, including Editor X, streamlining the whole experience. Let’s explore how you can cancel your Editor X subscription and take full advantage of

Cancel Your Editor X Subscription in Easy Steps

  1. Check Your Site Status After Cancellation: When you cancel your Editor X Premium plan, it stays active until the subscription ends. After that, your site switches back to the free Editor X URL and starts displaying Editor X ads.
  2. Stay Alert to Renewal Dates: Editor X renews your Premium plan 14 days before the purchase date to avoid downtime.
  3. Utilize the Trial Period: Paying by credit card gives you a 14-day trial with Editor X Premium plans. Cancel within this time for a full refund within 20 business days.
  4. Cancel at the Right Time: To stop auto-renewal but keep your plan active until the end, cancel after the first 14 days of your trial.
  5. Manage Other Subscriptions Separately: Remember, cancelling your Premium plan won’t cancel your domain, mailbox, or app subscriptions. You need to cancel these individually.
  6. Deleting a Site Requires an Extra Step: Want to delete your site on Editor X? First, transfer or cancel your plan. Then, follow the steps provided by Editor X to delete your site.

Enhance Your Subscription Management with steps in as your all-in-one subscription management tool, making it easier to handle your subscriptions, including Editor X.

Embrace the Benefits of

  • Get a Full Overview: See all your subscriptions at a glance. This includes Editor X, helping you track costs and renewal dates effortlessly.
  • Cut Out Unused Services: Discover and cancel services you don’t need anymore. This way, you save money by keeping only what’s essential.
  • Simplify Your Cancellation Process: lets you cancel various services easily, without navigating each service’s unique steps.


Take charge of your Editor X and other subscriptions with This tool makes it easy to track, manage, and cancel subscriptions, including Editor X. Gain a clear overview, cut out unnecessary services, and simplify your cancellation processes with Whether you’re cancelling Editor X or managing other services, is your go-to solution for efficient subscription management.

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