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MLB.TV is a streaming service for baseball fans offering live and on-demand MLB games, MiLB access, MLB Big Inning, and local Pregame and Postgame shows, catering to die-hard fans, fantasy players, out-of-market fans, and casual viewers.

How to Cancel MLB.TV Subscription

Thinking about canceling your MLB.TV subscription? This guide facilitates a streamlined cancellation process, ensuring the termination of your subscription with minimal hassle.

Subscription Cancellation Process:

MLB.TV offers a straightforward method for subscription cancellation. Here’s how to proceed:

Online Cancellation:

  1. Access Your MLB Account: Visit the MLB.TV website and log in to your MLB account with your credentials.
  2. Navigate to Manage Subscriptions: Once logged in, go to the “Manage Subscriptions” tab. This section is typically found under your account settings or profile options.
  3. Initiate Cancellation: Locate your MLB.TV subscription and select the option to cancel. Follow the on-screen prompts to confirm your cancellation request.

Customer Service Cancellation:

If you prefer to speak with a representative, you can cancel your subscription by contacting MLB.TV customer service.

  1. Call Customer Service: Dial 866-244-2291 if you are in the U.S. For international customers, call 315-203-6761.
  2. Request Cancellation: Inform the customer service representative that you wish to cancel your MLB.TV subscription. Provide any necessary account information to verify your identity and facilitate the cancellation process.
  3. Follow Instructions: The representative will guide you through the necessary steps to complete your cancellation.

Contact via Website:

Alternatively, you can contact MLB.TV customer service through their website.

  1. Visit the Contact Page: Go to the MLB.TV contact page and use the provided form to submit your cancellation request.
  2. Provide Details: Fill in the form with your account details and specify your intent to cancel your subscription.
  3. Submit Request: Send your request and wait for confirmation from MLB.TV customer service.

Important Considerations:

  • Billing Cycle: Ensure you cancel your subscription before the next billing period to avoid additional charges. Check your billing cycle date in your account details.
  • Confirmation: Make sure to receive a confirmation of your cancellation, either via email or a confirmation screen, to have proof of your request.
  • Access to Content: Once your subscription is canceled, you will lose access to MLB.TV content at the end of the current billing period.

By following these steps, you can effectively cancel your MLB.TV subscription either online, through customer service, or via the website contact form. Ensuring you have all necessary information and completing the process before the next billing cycle will help avoid any additional charges.

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