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Simply Wall St is an advanced financial analysis platform with visualizations, analytics, and data to inform investment decisions, bridge gaps between static research and interactive insights, and empower novice and experienced investors.

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How to Reduce Your Simply Wallstreet Subscription Cost

Simply Wallstreet is a powerful online tool that seamlessly integrates spreadsheet functionalities with database capabilities. However, as the number of users increases, subscription costs can quickly add up. Here are some effective strategies to help minimize expenses without compromising on functionality.

Direct Ways to Reduce Subscription Costs

While there are no current direct methods to reduce your Simply Wallstreet subscription costs, there are several alternative approaches to explore.

1. Optimize User Licenses

Review your user licenses regularly and deactivate any accounts that are no longer in use. Consider implementing permission sets to grant specific functionalities instead of assigning full licenses for basic needs.

2. Data Storage Management

Archive outdated data to free up storage space. Implement data validation rules to prevent unnecessary data entry, which can help minimize storage consumption.

3. Process Automation

Utilize workflow and approval processes to automate manual tasks, reducing the need for additional licenses.

Workarounds to Reduce Subscription Costs

While there are currently no workarounds available to directly reduce your Simply Wallstreet subscription costs, you can explore alternative tools and integrations.

1. Integrations with Free/Freemium Tools

Consider integrating Simply Wallstreet with free or freemium tools like Zapier or Slack to automate tasks and reduce the need for additional licenses.

Bundling Options for Discounts

Although there are no current bundling options available for Simply Wallstreet subscriptions, you can explore partner programs and negotiate with support for potential discounts.

Negotiate with Support

Engage with Simply Wallstreet’s support team to discuss your usage patterns and negotiate renewal rates based on your specific needs and loyalty to the platform.

Switching Subscription Types

Consider switching to an annual subscription to take advantage of potential discounts compared to monthly billing. Additionally, regularly review and remove inactive user licenses to optimize costs.

Exploring Alternatives

If reducing costs with Simply Wallstreet proves challenging, consider exploring alternative solutions that offer similar functionalities at a lower cost, such as:

  • Seeking Alpha: Provides stock market insights, analysis, and investment ideas.
  • Morningstar: Offers investment research, stock analysis, and portfolio management tools.
  • Yahoo Finance: Provides financial news, data, and analysis for investors.
  • Finbox: Offers financial modeling, stock screening, and valuation tools.

Reducing your Simply Wallstreet subscription costs is achievable with strategic planning, optimization, and effective negotiation. By implementing these strategies and exploring alternative solutions, you can maximize the value of your investment while minimizing expenses.