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Customer Relationship Management


Broadly empowers SMBs to connect with modern consumers through effective customer engagement and review management. With SEO optimization and website development, Broadly helps businesses stand out and attract more customers.


What is Broadly?

Broadly is dedicated to connecting SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Businesses) with modern consumers through innovative solutions. By leveraging the power of reviews and referrals, Broadly helps local businesses thrive in today’s digital landscape. Their platform facilitates communication with customers, identifies promoters and detractors, solicits reviews and referrals, and enhances online visibility through SEO strategies.

Why Use Broadly?

In the realm of SMB growth solutions, Broadly excels due to:

  • Customer Engagement: Broadly enables businesses to engage with their customers effectively. By following up with customers, identifying promoters, and soliciting reviews and referrals, businesses can foster strong customer relationships and enhance their online reputation.
  • Review Management: Broadly’s proprietary Review Power formula monitors and balances reviews across multiple channels, ensuring an impactful online presence. Through crowd-sourcing content, Broadly helps businesses rank higher in local search results, ultimately driving more traffic and leads.
  • Website Development: Recognizing the importance of a strong online identity, Broadly offers website development services for businesses in need. By creating professional and optimized websites, Broadly ensures that businesses are well-represented in the digital space.
  • SEO Optimization: Broadly’s approach to SEO goes beyond traditional methods by leveraging online reviews to improve search rankings. By strategically incorporating customer feedback into SEO efforts, Broadly helps businesses stand out in local search results and attract more customers.

Who is Broadly For?

Broadly serves as a valuable resource for a variety of businesses, including:

  • Local Small Businesses: Broadly’s solutions are tailored to meet the needs of local SMBs across various industries. Whether it’s a restaurant, salon, or retail store, Broadly helps businesses of all types enhance their online presence and attract more customers.
  • Service-Based Businesses: Service-oriented businesses, such as plumbers, electricians, and contractors, benefit from Broadly’s customer engagement and review management solutions. By showcasing positive customer experiences, service-based businesses can attract new clients and grow their reputation.
  • Entrepreneurs and Startups: Entrepreneurs and startups looking to establish a strong online presence can rely on Broadly’s expertise in customer engagement, review management, website development, and SEO optimization. Broadly provides the tools and strategies necessary for startups to compete and succeed in today’s digital marketplace.
  • Marketing Professionals: Marketing professionals seeking innovative solutions to help their clients grow can leverage Broadly’s platform to enhance customer engagement, manage online reviews, and improve search rankings. Broadly’s comprehensive suite of services empowers marketers to deliver measurable results for their clients.

In conclusion, Broadly offers a suite of solutions designed to empower SMBs in their journey to connect with modern consumers, build strong customer relationships, and achieve sustainable growth in today’s competitive business landscape.



Customer Relationship Management
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Pricing and Features

Product Tier

Broadly Platform

  • Ticket Customization: Define diverse ticket types with tailored attributes.
  • Workflow Automation: Streamline processes with intuitive automated workflows.
  • Task Tracking: Monitor and manage tasks within tickets efficiently.
  • SLA Management: Set and enforce standard or custom SLAs.
  • Email Notifications: Keep stakeholders informed with automatic email alerts.
  • Automated Escalations: Trigger escalations based on predefined criteria.
  • Live Communication: Engage with customers instantly via live chat.
  • Asset Tracking: Monitor and manage customer assets effectively.
  • Reporting Tools: Generate insightful reports on ticket metrics.
  • Knowledge Base: Create a comprehensive repository for product information.
  • Contract Management: Efficiently handle contract templates and agreements.
  • Development Integration: Seamlessly connect support tickets with development tasks.



Steps to Cancel Your Broadly Subscription

Canceling your Broadly subscription is a straightforward process. You can follow a few simple steps to initiate the cancellation or explore options to switch to a different plan. For detailed instructions, refer to this page.

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Product FAQ

What does Broadly do for local businesses?

Broadly helps local businesses engage with leads and customers, send review requests automatically, and streamline invoices and payments. It supports over 6,000 local businesses across various sectors, including automotive, home services, and pet services.

How does Broadly help with customer reviews?

Broadly helps local businesses drive new business by increasing reviews on Google, Facebook, and other sites, making it easier to stand out from competitors and establish a strong online reputation.

What are the benefits of using Broadly's Web Chat feature?

The Web Chat feature on Broadly allows for faster and easier conversions by generating 2x more qualified leads directly from a business’s website, providing an unrivaled one-to-one customer experience.

How does Broadly support customer communication?

Broadly’s Inbox feature consolidates messaging from a business’s website, Google My Business, and Facebook Messenger into one place, making it easier to communicate with customers and leads.

What kind of support does Broadly offer to its customers?

Broadly provides dedicated customer support, which is reflective of the company’s commitment to prioritizing customer experience. The support team is knowledgeable about the needs of local businesses and can offer personalized assistance.

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