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How to Cancel

If you find that the features of your current Coda subscription exceed your needs, downgrading your workspace is a simple process. This guide is specifically for Pro and Team plan users who wish to cancel or downgrade to a lower tier. Please note that Enterprise customers looking to downgrade should contact their account team or Coda Support directly.

Steps to Downgrade

Note: Workspace admins are the only users authorized to downgrade Coda subscriptions.

  • Navigate to Workspace Home:
  • Select Workspace:
    • From the options on the left, select the specific workspace you intend to downgrade.
  • Access Workspace Settings:
    • Navigate to Workspace settings, then click into the Billing tab.
  • Initiate Plan Change:
    • Next to your current plan type at the top, select “Change plan.”
  • Choose Downgrade Option:
    • Find the plan you want to downgrade to and click the “Downgrade” button beneath it. If you want to cancel your subscription entirely, choose the Free plan.
  • Review Warnings:
    • Warnings about the consequences of downgrading will be displayed, including the possibility of docs becoming read-only. Carefully review this information.
  • Confirm Downgrade:
    • If you still want to proceed, click “Downgrade anyway.”

Thank you for using Coda for your collaborative work. If you have any questions or encounter difficulties during the downgrade process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Coda Support. We appreciate your understanding and hope your Coda experience continues to meet your needs. To learn more, click here. 

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