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Current is a fee-free mobile banking app with instant spending notifications, overdraft protection, savings pods, and a rewards program. Ideal for tech-savvy, budget-conscious individuals seeking transparency and convenience in banking.

How to Cancel Current Subscription

Considering discontinuing your Current account? This guide facilitates a streamlined closure process, ensuring a smooth termination of your services:

Cancellation Methods:

Current offers two convenient methods to initiate account closure:

Direct Email:

    1. Contact Information: Compose an email outlining your intent to close your Current account and send it to their support team at the following address: [email protected].

    2. Account Verification: For security purposes, it’s recommended to include your account information within the email. This allows Current to verify your identity and ownership of the account you wish to close.

    3. Additional Information: While not mandatory, you may consider including a brief explanation for closing your account. This feedback can assist Current in improving their services for future users.

Online Closure Request Form:

    1. Form Access: Navigate to Current’s online support portal by clicking this link.

    2. Request Submission: Locate and submit a new request form (the specific instructions for finding this form may vary depending on the website layout). The form will likely request your account information and confirmation of your closure request.

Post-Closure Considerations:

  • Outstanding Transactions: Current recommends settling any outstanding debits or negative balances in your account before closure is finalized. This ensures a smooth and efficient closure process.

  • Data Retention: Inquire about Current’s data retention policies during the closure process if you have any concerns about your account information being stored after closure. They may retain certain data as required by law.

  • Future Needs: Evaluate whether you anticipate requiring similar financial services before definitively closing your Current account. Explore alternative solutions if necessary.

By following these steps and selecting the closure method that best suits you (email or online form), you can confidently and efficiently terminate your Current account. Remember, including your account information in your email or form submission streamlines the verification process.

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