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Current is a fee-free mobile banking app with instant spending notifications, overdraft protection, savings pods, and a rewards program. Ideal for tech-savvy, budget-conscious individuals seeking transparency and convenience in banking.


What is Current?

Traditional banks can feel outdated and full of hidden fees. Current offers a different approach. It’s a modern mobile banking app designed to help you manage your money smarter and spend with confidence. With features that encourage saving, provide instant spending notifications, and reward responsible banking, Current empowers you to take control of your finances and build a healthier financial future.

Why Choose Current?

Seeking a transparent and rewarding banking experience built for the modern world? Here’s why Current stands out:

  • No Monthly Fees: Enjoy fee-free banking with no minimum balance requirements.
  • Mobile-First Banking: Manage your finances seamlessly through the user-friendly Current mobile app.
  • Instant Spending Notifications: Stay on top of your finances with real-time spending alerts for every transaction.
  • Overdraft Protection (Subject to Eligibility): Avoid overdraft fees with Current’s SpotMe feature, which advances small amounts to cover debits.
  • Savings Pods (Optional): Set financial goals and earn interest on your savings with separate spending and saving accounts.
  • Rewards Program (Subject to Change): Earn cashback rewards on debit card purchases at select merchants.

Who is Current For?

Current caters to individuals seeking a transparent and mobile-centric banking experience:

  • Young Professionals and Students: Manage your finances on the go with the convenient mobile app.
  • Budget-Conscious Individuals: Benefit from fee-free banking and avoid unnecessary charges.
  • Savers and Goal-Setters: Reach your financial goals with separate savings pods and earn interest.
  • Tech-Savvy Users: Embrace the convenience of mobile-centric banking with real-time spending notifications.
  • Anyone Who Wants to Spend Smarter: Current’s features help you stay informed and make informed financial decisions.

Current goes beyond traditional banking, offering a modern and transparent platform designed to empower you to manage your money smarter and spend with confidence. With its focus on convenience, fee-transparency, and rewarding responsible financial behavior, Current is the perfect choice for individuals seeking to take control of their finances and build a brighter financial future.



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Pricing and Features

Product Tier

Build Card

Monthly Fees


APR for Purchases


  • Credit Building: Use your card for everyday purchases.
  • Fee-Free Overdraft: Qualify for fee-free overdraft with direct deposit.
  • Earn Points: Redeem for cash back on card swipes.
  • No-Fee Banking: No minimum balance, ATM, transfer, or annual fees.
  • Convenient Features: Gas hold removals, mobile check deposit.
  • Teen Banking: Kids get financial freedom with security.
  • Future Planning: Build credit for future goals.

Debit Card with Savings Pod

Monthly Fees


Allpoint ATM Transaction Fee


Non-Allpoint ATM Transaction Fee


  • Annual Bonus: Earn up to 4.00% on Savings Pod.
  • Automated Savings: Save spare change automatically with Round-Ups.
  • Savings Pods: Set and reach savings goals easily.
  • Boost Rate: Qualify for up to $240 yearly savings.
  • Easy Setup: Open app, tap Savings Pods, start saving.
  • No Minimum Balance: Start earning with $0.01 in Pods.

Crypto Invest

Trading Fee


  • Fee-Free Trading: Trade crypto with zero fees.
  • Seamless Transactions: Buy, sell, access crypto instantly.



Streamlining Your Financial Management Approach: Concluding Your Current Account

As your financial landscape evolves or you explore alternative modern banking solutions, Current offers a clear and efficient process to close your account. To guarantee a seamless changeover and prevent unintentional fees, kindly visit this page.

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Product FAQ

What are the key benefits of using Current Bank compared to traditional banks?

Current Bank caters to those who value transparency, fee avoidance, and a mobile-first approach to banking:

  • No Hidden Fees: Current prides itself on a transparent fee structure. There are no monthly maintenance fees, overdraft fees, minimum balance requirements, or foreign transaction fees for debit card purchases abroad.
  • Gas Station Hold Removal: Unlike some traditional banks that place temporary holds on your account when you pay at gas stations, Current removes these holds instantly, giving you faster access to your funds.
  • Early Direct Deposit Access: Current often allows access to your paycheck up to two days earlier than traditional bank deposits, potentially improving your cash flow management.
  • Mobile-Centric Banking: Manage your finances entirely through their user-friendly app. Open an account, deposit checks remotely, track your spending, and send money, all from your smartphone.
  • Build Credit While You Bank: Current offers a Visa® Credit Builder Card (with a spending limit based on your account activity) that can help you establish or improve your credit score without accruing interest charges if you pay your balance in full each month.

These features make Current Bank attractive to those who dislike traditional bank fees, appreciate faster access to funds, and want to build credit responsibly through their everyday banking habits.

How does mobile check deposit work with Current Bank, and are there any limitations?

Current offers mobile check deposit functionality within their app:

  • Remote Deposit Process: Using the app, you can take a picture of your check and deposit it electronically into your Current account. Funds might not be immediately available, and processing times can vary.
  • Deposit Limits: There might be daily or monthly limits on the amount you can deposit using mobile check deposit.
  • Review Deposit Images: Current recommends keeping the original check for a certain period after depositing it electronically in case of any issues.

Mobile check deposit offers a convenient way to deposit funds, but it’s important to understand the processing times, potential limitations, and the need to retain the original check for some time.

Does Current Bank offer any features to help me manage my finances and budget effectively?

Current’s app provides some basic budgeting tools and spending insights:

  • Spending Categories: Transactions are automatically categorized based on the merchant type, allowing you to track your spending habits across different categories like groceries, entertainment, or bills.
  • Spending Insights: The app might provide visualizations and reports to help you understand your spending patterns and identify areas where you can potentially adjust your budget.
  • Goal Setting: You might be able to set basic financial goals within the app to stay motivated and track your progress towards achieving them.

While not as comprehensive as dedicated budgeting apps, Current’s features can be a helpful starting point for managing your finances and monitoring your spending habits.

Is Current Bank a safe and secure platform for managing my finances?

Current prioritizes security measures to protect your financial information:

  • FDIC Insurance: As mentioned earlier, your funds are held by FDIC-insured partner banks, offering protection in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Data Encryption: Current utilizes data encryption technologies to safeguard your sensitive financial information within their app.
  • Security Features: Two-factor authentication and other security features might be available to add an extra layer of protection for your account and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Fraud Monitoring: Current might implement fraud monitoring tools to help identify and prevent unauthorized transactions on your account.

While a relatively new player compared to traditional banks, Current leverages FDIC insurance, data encryption, and security features to provide a safe and secure platform for managing your money. It’s always wise to do your own research and ensure their security practices align with your comfort level.

Can I use my Current Bank debit card for online purchases and subscriptions?

Your Current debit card should work for most online purchases and subscriptions:

  • Wide Online Acceptance: Current Visa® debit cards are generally accepted by online merchants that process Visa transactions.
  • Security Features: Current utilizes security features to protect your card information during online transactions. You might be able to enable additional security measures like requiring confirmation for specific online purchases.
  • Monitoring Transactions: Keep an eye on your account activity through the app to monitor your online purchases and ensure no unauthorized transactions occur.

While your Current debit card should work for online transactions, it’s always recommended to use secure websites and be mindful of potential online scams.

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