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Dovetail centralizes customer data for insightful analysis and collaboration. Ideal for teams seeking actionable insights to drive product development, marketing, and customer-centric initiatives. It empowers businesses of all sizes to make informed decisions.


What is Dovetail?

Ditch the scattered customer data and fragmented feedback loops. Dovetail isn’t just another customer research tool; it’s a powerful and intuitive platform designed to centralize your customer insights and empower you to transform them into actionable decisions. Ditch the guesswork and data silos and focus on uncovering hidden customer needs, fostering a culture of customer-centricity, and driving business growth. Dovetail empowers you to capture feedback from various sources, analyze it effectively, collaborate with your team, and gain valuable insights that inform your product development and marketing strategies.

Why Choose Dovetail?

Struggling with disconnected customer data, limited analysis capabilities, and difficulty translating insights into action? Dovetail offers a compelling solution:

  • Centralized Customer Insights Hub: Consolidate all your customer feedback, from user interviews and surveys to support tickets and social media conversations, in one central location.
  • Effortless Data Capture: Effortlessly capture feedback through a variety of methods including audio/video recordings, text transcripts, and integrations with popular tools.
  • Powerful Analytics and Search: Gain valuable insights from your customer data with intuitive search functionalities and advanced analytics tools.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Facilitate effective team collaboration by allowing everyone to share, discuss, and tag insights within the platform.
  • Actionable Insights and Reporting: Generate clear and actionable reports to inform product roadmaps, marketing campaigns, and customer success initiatives.
  • Flexibility for All Teams: Dovetail caters to researchers, designers, product managers, and marketers, fostering a holistic understanding of the customer journey.

Who is Dovetail For?

Dovetail empowers businesses and teams of all sizes:

  • User Researchers & UX Designers: Gain a deeper understanding of user needs and behaviors to design products that resonate with your target audience.
  • Product Managers & Product Teams: Use customer insights to prioritize features, validate product decisions, and build products users love.
  • Marketing & Customer Success Teams: Leverage customer feedback to tailor marketing campaigns, improve customer experiences, and drive brand loyalty.
  • Startups & Growing Businesses: Build a strong foundation for customer-centricity with a platform that scales with your needs.
  • Large Enterprises: Unify customer insights across different departments to drive strategic decision-making.

Dovetail stands out as a leader in the customer insights landscape. Its commitment to centralized data capture, powerful analytics, seamless collaboration, actionable reporting, and flexibility across teams makes it an attractive choice for businesses seeking to ditch data silos, gain deeper customer understanding, and bridge the gap between insights and action.




1 Week Free
Enjoy 1-Week Free Trial of Dovetail Professional Plan!

Pricing and Features

Product Tier

Free Plan

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)

No Trial

  • AI Magic Analysis: Summarize, highlight key moments, and identify themes in data.
  • Enhanced Understanding: Gain insights from videos, documents, and more.
  • Effortless Transcription: Transcribe conversations in 28+ languages.
  • Centralized Storage: Store all research materials (videos, audio, docs, etc.) in one place.
  • Seamless Integration: Connect Dovetail with your favorite tools (Zoom, Slack, etc.).
  • 1 Project: Start with one project to test Dovetail’s features.
  • Unlimited Users: Collaborate with your team at no extra cost.

Professional Plan

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)


  • Free Plan Benefits: Includes all benefits from the Free Plan.
  • AI-Powered Search: Global smart search and summarized results.
  • Enhanced Clarity: Eliminate filler words (“ums” and “ahs”).
  • Organized Workflows: Organize projects into folders for better team collaboration.
  • Project & Folder Management: Save and revisit projects and folders easily.
  • Data Visualization: Deeper insights for visualizing highlights & segmented by fields.
  • Unlimited Projects: No limit on the number of research projects.
  • Unlimited Viewers: Unli viewers to collaborate on your research.

Enterprise Plan



  • Professional Plan Benefits: Includes all benefits from the Professional Plan.
  • Enhanced Data Security: Redact video, audio, and text within transcripts.
  • Advanced Self-Service: Self discover insights w/ search and a home view.
  • Granular Access Control: Control permissions with user groups and access levels.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Standardize tags, fields, & templates across workspace.
  • Custom Integrations: Gain API access to integrate Dovetail with your tools.
  • Enhanced Support: Priority email support, onboarding assistance, and a customer success manager.



Simplifying Your Knowledge Sharing: Concluding Your Dovetail Experience

As your approach to capturing and disseminating organizational knowledge evolves, or if you explore alternative knowledge management solutions, Dovetail provides a straightforward and efficient method to cancel your subscription. To ensure a smooth transition and avoid unexpected charges, kindly visit this page.

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Product FAQ

What is Dovetail and what problem does it solve for businesses?

Dovetail serves as a centralized hub for businesses to gather, analyze, and share customer feedback, addressing common challenges in customer insights management. It eliminates fragmented data sources by consolidating feedback from various channels into one platform, providing a comprehensive view of customer sentiment. Utilizing AI-powered tools, Dovetail streamlines the analysis process, identifying key themes and generating reports efficiently. Moreover, it fosters collaboration among teams through shared workspaces, enabling them to prioritize actionable insights to enhance customer experience. Ultimately, Dovetail aims to simplify the extraction of valuable insights, empowering businesses to improve customer relationships and overall satisfaction.

What are some key features of Dovetail that differentiate it from traditional customer feedback tools?

Dovetail stands out from traditional customer feedback methods through several key features. Leveraging AI, it automatically analyzes feedback text, categorizes information, and identifies sentiment, streamlining the review process. The platform supports flexible data import from diverse sources and offers automated transcription for audio and video recordings, enhancing accessibility. Collaborative workspaces facilitate team collaboration, enabling easy sharing of insights and task assignment. Dovetail translates raw feedback into actionable insights and generates reports to guide improvement efforts. Its user-friendly interface and integrations with popular business tools ensure seamless incorporation into existing workflows, ultimately saving time and providing actionable insights for improving customer experiences.

Does Dovetail offer any features specifically designed for remote or distributed teams?

Dovetail is well-suited for remote and distributed teams, offering collaborative functionalities that streamline teamwork on customer feedback. With real-time collaboration tools, team members can work together seamlessly regardless of location, sharing insights and tagging colleagues within the platform. Centralizing all customer feedback data ensures everyone has access to the same information, while built-in communication features facilitate efficient discussions and sharing of perspectives. Version control tracks changes made to feedback data, ensuring teams work with the latest information. Integrations with communication tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams further enhance collaboration, enabling transparent communication across locations and empowering teams to drive improvements based on customer insights.

How can Dovetail be used to improve the customer onboarding process?

Dovetail proves instrumental in optimizing customer onboarding processes by facilitating several key functions. Firstly, it helps identify friction points through the analysis of customer feedback, enabling businesses to address specific pain points that new customers encounter. Secondly, Dovetail allows for the tailoring of the onboarding experience based on gathered insights, ensuring a personalized approach that meets individual needs. Moreover, the platform enables continuous feedback collection throughout the onboarding journey, facilitating iterative improvements to the process. Lastly, Dovetail aids in measuring onboarding success by tracking relevant metrics, providing businesses with valuable data to evaluate effectiveness and identify areas for enhancement. Overall, Dovetail empowers businesses to enhance the onboarding experience, ultimately leading to reduced churn rates and heightened customer satisfaction right from the outset of their engagement with the product or service.

Can I set permissions within Dovetail to control access to different customer feedback data for team members?

Absolutely! Dovetail offers robust permission control features, enabling granular control over access to customer feedback data within your workspace. Through user roles and permissions, you can assign specific access levels to users, dictating their ability to view, edit, or share feedback based on their role and project requirements. Additionally, project-level permissions allow for customization of access levels for different teams or initiatives, ensuring data security and privacy are maintained across the organization. By implementing these controls, Dovetail empowers organizations to safeguard sensitive information and maintain data integrity effectively.

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