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Dovetail centralizes customer data for insightful analysis and collaboration. Ideal for teams seeking actionable insights to drive product development, marketing, and customer-centric initiatives. It empowers businesses of all sizes to make informed decisions.

How to Cancel Dovetail Subscription

Considering concluding your use of Dovetail’s user research and customer feedback analysis platform? Fear not, for the cancellation process can be accomplished definitively. As your guide, I shall provide a comprehensive approach to ensure a smooth experience:

Initiating Cancellation:

  1. Establish a Secure Connection: Log in to your Dovetail account, forging a secure link to your account details.
  2. Navigate to Billing Settings: Locate the “Settings” section within your Dovetail account. Within settings, find the “Billing” submenu.
  3. Access Cancellation Option: Within the “Billing” submenu, look for a section titled “Actions” (often denoted by three dots “…”). Clicking on this will reveal a menu containing a “Cancel” option.

Following Cancellation:

  • Continued Access: You’ll retain full access to your Dovetail workspace and data for the remainder of your pre-paid billing period.
  • No Refunds: Dovetail’s Master Subscription Agreement stipulates that no refunds are provided for remaining time in your billing cycle upon cancellation.
  • Data Download Period: Following the conclusion of your billing period, Dovetail will retain your data for an additional 30 days. This grace period allows you to export your data for future use.
  • Data Deletion: After the 30-day download period concludes, Dovetail will permanently delete your workspace and all associated data in accordance with their data retention policy.

By following these steps and understanding the implications, you can confidently navigate the cancellation process and make an informed decision regarding the future of your Dovetail subscription.

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