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How to Cancel Linear Subscription

Contemplating concluding your use of Linear’s project management platform? Fear not, for workspace administrators can cancel subscriptions with ease. Here’s a concise approach to ensure a smooth experience:

Cancellation Authority:

Only workspace administrators have the ability to cancel a Linear subscription.

Initiating Cancellation:

  1. Establish a Secure Connection: Log in to your Linear account with a secure link to ensure you’re accessing your workspace details safely.
  2. Navigate to Workspace Settings: Locate the “Settings” section within your Linear account. Look for a sub-section titled “Workspace.” This serves as the gateway to manage your workspace configuration.
  3. Access Billing Management: Within the workspace settings, identify the section labeled “Plans”. This serves as your gateway to manage your financial control over Linear.
  4. Confirm Cancellation: Click on the “Plans” section. You’ll find a button or option labeled “Cancel Subscription.” Carefully review any presented prompts to understand the implications of cancellation, such as data access limitations after your billing cycle ends.
  5. Finalize Cancellation: When certain of your decision to proceed, click the “Cancel Subscription” button to finalize the process.

Important Considerations:

  • Cancellation Timeline: Subscription cancellations take effect at the conclusion of your current billing cycle. This means you’ll retain full access to Linear features until the end of your billing month (for monthly plans) or billing year (for yearly plans).
  • No Mid-Cycle Refunds: Linear’s policy does not include pro-rated refunds for subscription cancellations occurring mid-billing cycle.
  • Consider Starting with a Monthly Plan: If you’re unsure about a long-term commitment, Linear recommends starting with a monthly plan. This allows you to test the platform and switch to a yearly plan later for cost savings when you’re ready.

By following these steps and understanding the key points, you can confidently navigate the cancellation process and regain control over your project management software expenses.

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