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Linear revolutionizes project management for modern software teams with unmatched speed, intuitive design, and seamless integrations. Ideal for agile teams, product, and project managers seeking efficient workflows and meaningful progress.

Up to 6 Months Free! Linear Startup Program - Get the most out of Linear

How much can customers save with Linear deal?

6 Months Free

How to claim the deal:

  • Visit Linear Website: Navigate to the Linear website using the provided link: Linear.
  • Explore Linear Startup Program: Look for information about the Linear Startup Program.
  • Check Eligibility: Ensure your startup meets the eligibility criteria, including being affiliated with a Linear partner and having fewer than 50 employees.
  • Apply for the Program: If eligible, enter your partner code in the provided form or follow the link provided by your partner.
  • Log In: You need to be an admin of your Linear workspace and logged into your account to redeem the offer.
  • Redeem Offer: Follow the instructions to redeem the offer and receive up to 6 months of free access to Linear’s Standard and Plus plans.

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