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Customer Relationship Management streamlines relationship management with centralized contacts, personalized communication, and insightful analytics. Ideal for businesses seeking to nurture connections, optimize sales, and foster loyalty. Empowering sales, customer success, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits.


What is

Ditch the siloed contact management and fragmented communication channels. isn’t just another CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform; it’s a powerful and relationship-centric solution designed to centralize your interactions and nurture deeper connections with your customers and network. Ditch the outdated rolodexes and impersonal communication and focus on building trust, fostering loyalty, and driving business growth through meaningful relationships. empowers you to effortlessly organize contacts, streamline communication, and gain valuable insights to fuel your relationship-building strategies.

Why Choose

Struggling with scattered contact information, inefficient communication workflows, and difficulty measuring the impact of your relationship-building efforts? offers a compelling solution:

  • Effortless Contact Organization: Centralize all your contacts and interactions in one place, eliminating the need for scattered spreadsheets and CRM fatigue.
  • Seamless Prospect Management: Simplify the outreach process with a streamlined workflow for identifying, connecting with, and nurturing potential customers.
  • Personalized Communication Channels: Engage with your network through various channels, including email, social media, and personalized messaging within the platform.
  • Powerful Pipeline Management: Track the progress of your deals and opportunities with a clear and customizable pipeline visualization tool.
  • Data-Driven Relationship Insights: Gain valuable insights into communication effectiveness, engagement trends, and key relationship metrics.
  • Built-in Knowledge Base: Empower your team with a centralized repository of information and best practices for building strong relationships.

Who is For? empowers businesses and professionals of all sizes:

  • Sales & Marketing Teams: Build stronger relationships with leads and customers, close more deals, and optimize your sales pipeline management.
  • Customer Success Managers: Proactively engage with customers, address their needs, and foster lasting loyalty.
  • Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: Connect with potential partners and clients, manage your network efficiently, and build a strong brand reputation.
  • Non-Profits and Educational Institutions: Cultivate meaningful relationships with donors, volunteers, and stakeholders, and nurture a strong sense of community.
  • Anyone Building Relationships: empowers individuals and teams in any industry to build trust, foster collaboration, and achieve their goals through strong relationships. stands out as a leader in the CRM landscape. Its commitment to centralized contact management, personalized communication, pipeline management, data-driven insights, and a knowledge base makes it an attractive choice for businesses and professionals seeking to ditch the limitations of traditional CRMs, build meaningful connections, and cultivate lasting relationships that drive success.



Customer Relationship Management
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Pricing and Features

Product Tier

Free Plan

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)

No Trial

  • Manage Basic Contacts: Store up to 200 contacts (people & companies) in your workspace.
  • Unlimited Team Collaboration: Invite as many team members as needed.
  • Limited Messaging: Each team member can send 100 messages per month.
  • Enrich 10 Contacts: Gain insights on 10 contacts per month with data enrichment.
  • Customize Data: Add 10 custom data fields to your contact profiles/month.

Standard Plan

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)


  • Unlimited Connections: Build a comprehensive network w/ unlimited contacts.
  • Effortless Bulk Emailing: Send personalized emails to large groups of contacts with ease.
  • AI-Powered Insights: Leverage AI integration to gain valuable insights.
  • Historical Context: Access up to 3 years of interactions from Gmail, Gcal, & Outlook.
  • Streamlined Collaboration: Teamwork with role-based permissions and collaborative features

Premium Plan

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)


  • Standard Plan Benefits: Includes all benefits from the Standard Plan.
  • Automated Outreach: Create and manage email sequences for targeted communication.
  • Multi-Domain Sending: Send emails from various verified domains.
  • Unified Inbox: Manage all your email accounts from a central hub.
  • Granular Access Control: Set precise sharing permissions for complete data control.
  • Seamless Data Migration: Easily transfer your data from other platforms w/ assistance.
  • Priority Support & CSM: Dedicated customer management and prioritized support.

Beyond Limits Plan



  • Standard & Premium Benefits: Includes all benefits from the Standard & Premium Plan.
  • Personalized Setup: Get white-glove onboarding for a smooth and customized experience.
  • Flexible Billing: Enjoy custom billing options tailored to your specific needs.
  • Direct Communication: Access a dedicated Slack channel for real-time communication.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Benefit from a dedicated point of contact for personalized support.



Streamlining Your CRM: Concluding Your Folk Journey

As your customer relationship management (CRM) needs evolve or your preferred all-in-one solutions change, offers a clear and efficient process to terminate your account. To ensure a smooth transition and avoid unintended charges, kindly visit this page.

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Product FAQ

What is and what problem does it solve for CRM users? is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform addressing common challenges in contact management. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive organization tools, it combats data overload, ensuring centralized and accessible contact information. Folk streamlines data entry through contact enrichment and a Chrome extension for efficient data capture. It enhances pipeline management with visual tools, offering a clear overview of sales progress. The platform’s flexibility and customization options cater to unique workflows, providing businesses with an intuitive solution to centralize contacts, build relationships, and efficiently manage sales pipelines.

What are some of the key features that differentiate from other CRM solutions?

Folk distinguishes itself in the CRM landscape by prioritizing simplicity and user-friendliness. The platform offers contact enrichment tools, leveraging publicly available sources to provide valuable insights. AI-powered relationship building suggests personalized outreach strategies based on data and communication history. Visual pipeline management enables users to monitor deal progress efficiently. Seamless integrations with communication tools centralize customer interactions, while customization options adapt the platform to specific business processes. Folk’s intuitive interface, combined with these features, sets it apart from complex CRM solutions, focusing on ease of use for effective relationship building and pipeline management.

How does ensure the security and privacy of my customer data?

Folk prioritizes the security and privacy of customer information through secure infrastructure and encryption measures. Committed to compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA, Folk ensures responsible data handling practices. Users retain control over customer data within Folk, with the ability to export, update, or delete information as needed.

Can I collaborate with my team members on projects and manage deals collaboratively using fosters teamwork and collaborative CRM management by offering team accounts with varying permission levels, allowing control over access to contacts, deals, or pipelines. Shared workspaces and folders enhance organizational efficiency, enabling collaborative project management. Real-time activity updates keep teams informed about changes or notes, ensuring everyone stays on the same page. Built-in communication tools, such as comments, mentions, and internal chats, facilitate discussions and information exchange among team members, enhancing collaborative efforts in client management and deal tracking. aims to streamline team collaboration in customer relationship management for more effective sales processes.

Does offer any mobile app functionality for managing my CRM on the go?

Folk currently lacks a dedicated mobile app, but you can still manage your CRM data on various devices. As a web-based platform, Folk enables access to CRM information from smartphones and tablets with responsive web design. While some limited functionalities may work offline, full CRM features necessitate an internet connection. Despite the absence of a dedicated mobile app, Folk’s flexible web-based platform allows users to conveniently handle CRM data on the go, with the potential for future enhancements.

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