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TradingView is an intuitive platform and vibrant social network for over 50 million global traders to analyze financial markets, utilize advanced charting tools, access real-time data, test strategies, engage with investors, and identify opportunities.

How to Cancel TradingView Subscription

TradingView offers robust financial charts and analysis tools, but sometimes, it’s time to move on. Cancelling your subscription is a simple process, and I’m here to guide you through it with the expertise and confidence you deserve.

Step 1: Know Your Platform:

The cancellation method hinges on where you initially subscribed:

  • TradingView Website: Excellent! Direct cancellation is a breeze.
  • Mobile App (Android): While in-app cancellation isn’t available, you can pause the subscription for later resumption or manage it through the Google Play Store.
  • Mobile App (iOS): Take control through your App Store settings.

Website Cancellation Steps:

Step 2: Login and Conquer: Access your Profile Settings within your TradingView account.

Step 3: Billing Battlefield: Navigate to the Account and Billing section. This is where you confront the subscription dragon.

Step 4: Strike Down Renewal: Slay the auto-renewal beast by clicking the Cancel auto-renewal option. Remember, this stops future charges, but your current access remains until the paid period ends.


  • Regardless of the method, you retain access until the paid period ends.
  • If you encounter issues, the TradingView support team is your valiant ally.

Now, go forth and conquer your cancellation with the confidence of a financial expert!

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