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How to Cancel Subscription

While doesn’t offer a self-service cancellation option through their website, here’s how to proceed:

Contacting Support:

  1. Choose Your Preferred Method: Please submit a ticket clearly indicating your desire to cancel your subscription, or alternatively, you can call support at their international numbers listed on their website: +1-415-418-3570 (US), +44 20 3882 4293 (UK), or +61 2 7208 8487 (AU).

  2. Provide Account Information: Include your account details (company name, email address associated with the account) for efficient processing.

  3. Request Confirmation: Ask for a confirmation email acknowledging your cancellation request to ensure a smooth process.

Additional Notes:

  • offers tailored pricing plans and packages. The cancellation process might involve additional steps or verification depending on your specific agreement.
  • Consider reviewing’s Master Subscription Agreement for detailed information regarding cancellation rights, potential termination clauses, and data transition procedures.


Due to the potential non-refundable nature of fees, carefully consider your decision before initiating cancellation. Contacting support is necessary to formally request cancellation and potentially discuss any applicable terms or fees.

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