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Boost Customer Engagement with Accordian: The Credible AI Chatbot for Your Business Website

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In today’s digital age, customer engagement is more crucial than ever for businesses. Having an interactive and informative website is a key element of building trust and attracting potential customers. But what if you could take it a step further and provide your website visitors with an AI chatbot that not only answers their questions but also provides verifiable and credible responses? Meet Accordian, the custom AI chatbot designed to boost customer engagement and credibility on your business website.

The Power of Accordian

Accordian is not just another AI chat widget; it’s the first “credible” AI widget for your business’s website. What sets Accordian apart from the rest is its ability to provide instantly verifiable answers and its unique learning process through the Expert Feedback Loop. With Accordian, you can capture emails and generate more leads on your website while delivering trustworthy information.

Building Your AI Chatbot

Getting started with Accordian is a breeze. No credit card is required, and you can quickly set up your AI chatbot to start engaging with your website visitors. The magic lies in Accordian’s capability to deliver answers that are not just informative but also instantly verifiable.

Do you have concerns about the accuracy and trustworthiness of generative AI for your website? Accordian addresses the two most significant obstacles for customer-facing AI:

1. Lack of Credibility

“Great answer, but what’s the source?”

Accordian’s responses are backed by quotes from your official content. It learns from your company’s official materials, such as blogs, case studies, and help articles, and fact-checks each of its answers. No blind trust is required. Readers can easily see “according to” whom the answers have been generated and even jump to the exact line in the original document to learn more.

2. Incomplete Knowledge

“The bot doesn’t know the answer. Who does?”

In cases where Accordian doesn’t have a verified answer, it can admit it and takes a unique approach. Accordian will ask your company’s experts directly and follow up with your leads once it learns the answer. It also remembers and cites your experts’ answers when needed, saving them from repeating themselves.

Monitoring and Engaging Your Chat Leads

Accordian offers an easy-to-use management dashboard to help you monitor and engage with your chat leads. From this clean dashboard, you can view all inbound chats and email addresses captured by your bot. You can also see outstanding help requests, allowing you to give timely responses and discover what your customers are asking.

Your company’s experts receive email notifications and can reply to requests with a single tap. Even if you tend to ramble in your replies, Accordian will draft a clean response, making it easier than ever to engage warm leads in meaningful conversation.

The Ultimate AI Chatbot Your Customers Can Trust

With Accordian, you can get more warm leads and significantly improve customer engagement on your business website. Trust and credibility are no longer concerns when using AI to assist your customers. Accordian’s unique approach to providing instantly verifiable answers and its continuous learning from experts make it a game-changer in the world of AI chatbots.

Keep the conversation going and the leads flowing with the AI chatbot that sets your business apart. Try Accordian today and experience the boost in customer engagement and credibility that your website deserves. It’s time to take your customer interactions to the next level with Accordian – the credible AI chatbot for your business website.

For more information and updates, you can also find Accordian on Product Hunt.