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Optimize Your Operations: Cost-Effectiveness and Transparency for Your Business Tools and Solutions. Uncover all business tool pricing in one spot. Whether you’re a business analyst, entrepreneur, or part of a small business team, Subscribed.FYI is your pathway to implementing successful business strategies with cost-efficiency and transparency, ensuring the best tools are at your disposal.




FormKit is an open-source form framework designed specifically for Vue.js, aimed at simplifying the development of forms by providing a comprehensive set of features for form structure, generation, validation, theming,…

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FormKit: The Open-Source Form Framework for Vue
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Cube.js is a powerful semantic layer for data applications, enabling organizations to connect data silos, drive consistent metrics, and enhance analytics with context. With Cube.js, data engineers and developers can…

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Cube.js: Empower Your Data Access and Management
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Fonoster is an open-source communications platform, positioned as an alternative to Twilio, that empowers businesses to engage with customers through voice or messaging. With a focus on simplicity, flexibility, and…

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Fonoster: The Open-Source Alternative to Twilio
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GrowthBook is an open-source platform designed to facilitate stress-free deployments, measure impact, and make smarter decisions when developing and releasing software. It offers a range of features including feature flagging,…

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GrowthBook: Feature Flagging and Experimentation Platform for Stress-Free Deployments
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Formbricks is an open-source Experience Management Suite that offers forms and surveys designed to help businesses gather feedback at every stage of the customer journey. It aims to turn customer…

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Formbricks: Open Source Forms & Surveys with Privacy-First Experience Management
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Lago is an open-source metering and usage-based billing platform designed to simplify the complexities of metering and billing processes for businesses. It offers a scalable and modular architecture, providing both…

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Lago: Open Source Metering & Usage-Based Billing – Alternative to Stripe Billing and Chargebee
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