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Capital One Spark Miles for Business

The Capital One Spark Miles for Business credit card offers unlimited 2x miles on all purchases, a 50,000-mile sign-up bonus, and travel flexibility. Ideal for frequent travelers and businesses prioritizing rewards.


What is Spark Miles for Business Credit Card?

The Capital One Spark Miles for Business credit card is a rewards card designed for small business owners who want to earn unlimited miles on everyday business purchases for travel or other redemptions. It offers a generous sign-up bonus and a straightforward rewards structure, making it a good option for businesses focused on accumulating travel rewards.

Why Use the Capital One Spark Miles for Business Credit Card?

Here are some of the key benefits of the Capital One Spark Miles for Business credit card:

  • Unlimited Miles: Earn unlimited 2x miles on all qualifying purchases with no limit, allowing you to maximize your rewards potential on all your business spending.
  • Bonus Miles: Enjoy a welcome bonus of 50,000 miles after you spend $4,500 in the first 3 months from account opening. This jumpstart on your miles allows you to redeem for rewards sooner.
  • Travel Flexibility: Redeem miles for travel through Capital One Travel or transfer them to partner travel loyalty programs for added flexibility in choosing your travel rewards.
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees: Make international purchases without worrying about additional fees, making it a convenient option for business owners who travel globally.
  • Purchase Protection: Included coverages like extended warranty and purchase protection offer added security to your business purchases, enhancing peace of mind.

Who is the Capital One Spark Miles for Business Credit Card Right For?

The Capital One Spark Miles for Business credit card is ideal for:

  • Frequent Business Travelers: This card is ideal for businesses with frequent travel expenses, offering significant rewards for accumulating travel points.
  • Businesses Focused on Rewards: This card, offering unlimited miles earning and a welcome bonus, suits businesses focused on maximizing travel or other rewards.
  • Small Businesses Without Employee Cards: If you don’t need employee cards, the Capital One Spark Miles for Business offers a straightforward rewards program without the added cost of extra cards.

The Capital One Spark Miles for Business credit card provides an unlimited miles earning structure and a travel-focused rewards program. With its bonus miles, travel flexibility, and added benefits like purchase protection, the Capital One Spark Miles for Business is a strong contender for small businesses seeking a rewards card to maximize their return on travel spending.


Pricing and Features

Product Tier

Spark 2X Miles

1st Year Annual Fee


Annual Fee


Annual Percentage Rate


  • Unlimited 2X Miles: Earn double miles on all purchases.
  • 50,000 Miles Bonus: Get 50,000 miles with qualifying spending.
  • 26.24% Purchase Rate: Variable APR for Spark 2X Miles card.
  • Travel Credit: Up to $100 credit for travel perks.
  • Redeem Your Way: Flexible miles redemption options available.
  • $0 Intro Annual Fee: No annual fee for the first year.



Streamlining Your Business Travel Rewards: Concluding Your Spark Miles for Business Card Account

As your business travel requirements and reward preferences change, or if you consider other options to optimize expenses, Capital One provides a straightforward procedure to close your Spark Miles for Business credit card. To guarantee a seamless transition and prevent any remaining charges, please access this page.

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Product FAQ

How much can I earn in rewards with the Capital One Spark Miles for Business Credit Card, and are there bonus offers?

This card offers a straightforward way to earn miles for travel:

  • Unlimited Miles: Earn unlimited miles on every qualifying purchase made with your card, allowing you to accumulate rewards over time. There are no spending tiers or limitations on how much you can earn.
  • Bonus Miles: Enjoy a potential welcome bonus of miles after meeting spending requirements in the first few months of card membership. This initial boost can jumpstart your travel rewards journey.

Consider your typical business spending volume and how quickly you’d like to accumulate miles to determine if the potential rewards align with your travel needs.

Does the Capital One Spark Miles for Business Credit Card have an annual fee, and are there other charges to consider?

The card has an annual fee, but there might be ways to offset the cost:

  • Annual Fee: There’s an annual fee ($95) associated with the card.
  • Travel Rewards Potential: Evaluate if the potential value you can extract from the miles earned through your business spending outweighs the annual fee. Consider the frequency of your business travel and how you plan to redeem your miles to determine if the rewards justify the annual cost.

Remember, there might be other potential fees, such as late payment fees or foreign transaction fees (if used internationally). Familiarize yourself with the card’s fee schedule to avoid surprises.

How flexible are the travel rewards earned with the Capital One Spark Miles for Business Credit Card, and what redemption options are available?

The card offers various ways to redeem your accumulated miles for travel:

  • Transfer to Travel Partners: Transfer your miles to select travel partners, potentially allowing you to redeem them for flights, hotels, and other travel expenses through partner loyalty programs.
  • Book Through Capital One Travel: Use your miles to book travel directly through Capital One Travel, potentially offering redemption flexibility and access to exclusive deals.
  • Cash Back Option (potentially): While the primary focus is travel rewards, some versions of the card might allow you to redeem your miles for cash back, although the value per mile might be lower compared to travel redemption options.

Explore the different redemption options and choose the method that best aligns with your travel preferences and booking style.

Does the Capital One Spark Miles for Business Credit Card offer any travel benefits beyond earning miles, or is it purely a rewards card?

The card provides some additional perks that can enhance your business travel experience:

  • 2 yearly Airport Lounge Access : Certain versions of the card might offer complimentary access to airport lounges through select programs, potentially providing a more comfortable pre-flight experience. (Availability and eligibility requirements might vary)
  • Travel Accident Insurance (potential): Some variations of the card might include travel accident insurance, offering you peace of mind while traveling for business.

These additional benefits can add value to the card beyond just the miles earning potential. Be sure to research the specific card version you’re considering to understand the exact benefits included.

Does the Capital One Spark Miles for Business Credit Card offer any employee card options, and how can this benefit my business?

The card allows adding employee cards:

  • Employee Card Management: Issue employee cards to delegate spending and potentially track employee business expenses more efficiently.
  • Monitor Spending (potential): Depending on your chosen plan, you might be able to set spending limits and monitor employee card activity, potentially offering greater control over business spending.

Employee cards can streamline expense management within your business, but be sure to understand any associated fees or limitations for employee cards before adding them to your account.