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Creatopy, a user-friendly design platform, empowers marketers, entrepreneurs, educators, and creatives. With an intuitive interface, templates, rich assets, and collaboration features, it transforms ideas into impactful visuals, making design accessible to everyone.


What is Creatopy?

Ditch the design software overload and fragmented workflows. Creatopy isn’t just another graphic design tool; it’s a powerful and user-friendly platform designed to empower anyone to create high-quality visuals for all your marketing needs. Ditch the design complexities and focus on bringing your creative vision to life with an extensive library of resources and intuitive design tools. Creatopy empowers you to design with ease, collaborate efficiently, and effortlessly manage your creative assets in one central location.

Why Choose Creatopy?

Struggling with limited design skills, expensive software subscriptions, and inefficient design workflows? Creatopy offers a compelling solution:

  • Easy-to-Use Interface: No design experience needed! Creatopy’s intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality make professional-looking designs accessible to everyone.
  • Extensive Template Library: Jumpstart your design process with thousands of pre-made templates across various categories and marketing purposes.
  • Rich Asset Library: Access millions of royalty-free stock photos, videos, illustrations, and icons to elevate your visuals.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Share designs with teammates and clients for real-time feedback and streamlined approvals.
  • Brand Kit Management: Maintain brand consistency across all your designs with centralized storage for logos, colors, and fonts.
  • Multiple Export Formats: Download your creations in various formats suitable for print, web, and social media.

Who is Creatopy For?

Creatopy empowers individuals, businesses, and teams of all sizes:

  • Marketers and Designers: Create engaging social media graphics, presentations, email newsletters, and other marketing materials with ease.
  • Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses: Design professional-looking visuals without breaking the bank on expensive design software.
  • Social Media Managers and Content Creators: Keep your social media feeds visually appealing with a constant stream of high-quality content.
  • Educators and Trainers: Craft visually engaging presentations and learning materials to enhance the learning experience.
  • Anyone with a Creative Spark: Creatopy empowers everyone to bring their ideas to life with user-friendly design tools.

Creatopy stands out as a game-changer in the design tool landscape. Its commitment to intuitive design tools, extensive resources, collaboration features, and brand consistency management makes it an attractive choice for individuals and businesses seeking to ditch the design complexities, unleash their creativity, and create impactful visuals that elevate their brand presence.




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Pricing and Features

Product Tier

Basic Plan

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)


  • 1 Editor License: Ideal for individual creators.
  • Brand Consistency: Maintain a cohesive brand identity with 1 Brand Kit.
  • Simplified Ad Creation: Design ads for a single size using the Ad Studio.
  • Effortless Animation: Create smooth animations with the Animation Timeline.
  • AI-Powered Design: Generate images and text variations (50 credits/editor).
  • Background Removal: Simplify object cutout with the AI Background Remover.
  • Extensive Library Access: Collection of stock multimedia for your projects.

Pro Plan

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)


  • 1 Editor License: Ideal for individual creators.
  • Scalable Branding: Up to 5 Brand Kits for consistent visuals across projects.
  • Effortless Ad Creation: Design ads in various sizes with the multi-size Ad Studio.
  • Save Time & Resources: Automatically resize creatives with Smart Resize.
  • SMM: Build engaging social media feeds with the Feed Ad Builder.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Share & manage design within your team.
  • Shopify Integration: Simplify product ad creation with Shopify data import.
  • Dedicated Support: Get personalized assistance through customer chat support.
  • Increased AI Power: Leverage 250 AI credits for more image & text variations.

Plus Plan

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)


  • Team Management: Accommodate up to 3 editors.
  • Enhanced Branding: Manage a larger brand portfolio with up to 10 Brand Kits.
  • Customizable Sharing: Branded and password-protected sharing options.
  • Advanced Security: Manage user permissions with User Groups & SSO.
  • Global Collaboration: Translate design text into multiple languages with AI.
  • Content Refinement: Edit existing content within Feed Ads.
  • Animation Mastery: More complex animations with advanced features.
  • Increased AI Power: Leverage 250 AI credits per editor for image & text.



Evolving Your Design Workflow: Concluding Your Creatopy Experience

As your creative vision takes shape and your design needs adapt, Creatopy offers a clear and efficient process to conclude your subscription. To ensure a seamless transition, kindly visit this page.

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Product FAQ

What is Creatopy and what can it do?

Creatopy is a cloud-based design platform designed for efficient creation, management, and distribution of marketing and advertising visual content. Offering intuitive design tools with a user-friendly interface, it caters to users of all skill levels. Access a vast library of templates, stock photos, videos, and illustrations to jumpstart designs. Ensure consistent brand identity with brand management features. Collaborate seamlessly with team members through comments, revisions, and efficient project management. Export finished designs in various formats suitable for different platforms and channels. Creatopy aims to empower users with a comprehensive set of design tools, assets, and collaboration features, streamlining marketing and advertising efforts effectively.

How does Creatopy compare to other design platforms like Canva or Adobe Photoshop?

Creatopy stands out with its marketing and advertising focus, emphasizing tools for ad creation, brand kit management, and potential ad serving functionalities. It excels in user-friendliness, catering to beginners with pre-designed templates and intuitive editing tools. The subscription-based pricing model offers budget-friendly access to a vast library of assets and features. Despite these advantages, advanced design professionals may find Adobe Photoshop more suitable for complex design needs due to its extensive customization options.

Does Creatopy offer any pre-made animations or the ability to create complex animations?

While Creatopy offers pre-designed animations and basic motion effects like fades, zooms, and bounces, it’s not a comprehensive animation software. It’s suitable for simple animations, enhancing the visual appeal of designs for social media, presentations, or marketing materials. However, for intricate animation projects, Creatopy’s limited capabilities may necessitate the use of professional animation software or collaboration with a motion graphics artist.

Can I upload my own fonts and images for use within Creatopy?

Creatopy enables users to personalize their designs by allowing the upload of custom fonts and images alongside the platform’s extensive asset library. This feature ensures consistent branding with the integration of brand-specific fonts and the use of personalized images, providing a platform that combines design flexibility with the convenience of a vast asset library for creating distinctive visual styles in projects.

Does Creatopy integrate with any other design or marketing tools I might be using?

Creatopy provides a limited set of direct integrations with design and marketing tools. Users can schedule social media content creation and publish directly to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Additionally, it allows connections to cloud storage services such as Dropbox or Google Drive, simplifying asset management and potentially storing design projects in preferred cloud storage solutions. While direct integrations are limited, users can export Creatopy’s design assets for use in other design or marketing tools within their workflow.

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