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Krisp is a noise-cancellation app that removes background noise from your audio during calls. Perfect for remote work, it ensures crystal-clear communication by muting ambient sounds and improving call quality.


Krisp: Unleash Crystal-Clear Communication

Welcome to the era of noise-free conversations with Krisp – your ultimate solution for pristine audio quality in any environment. Krisp is a powerful noise-canceling app that redefines the way you communicate, ensuring crystal-clear audio whether you’re working from home, joining virtual meetings, or connecting with loved ones.

Key Features:

  • Noise Cancellation Magic: Say goodbye to background noise and distractions. Krisp uses advanced AI technology to filter out unwanted noise from both ends of your conversation, delivering a superior audio experience for you and your listeners.
  • Universal Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate Krisp with your favorite communication apps. Whether you’re using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, or any other platform, Krisp works effortlessly in the background to enhance your audio quality without any additional hardware.
  • Real-Time Noise Monitoring: Stay in control with Krisp’s real-time noise monitoring. Visualize and customize your noise-canceling settings, ensuring that Krisp adapts to your unique environment and preferences for the most optimal audio experience.
  • Privacy Protection: Krisp prioritizes your privacy. All audio processing is done locally on your device, ensuring that your sensitive conversations remain secure and never leave your device.
  • Customizable Settings: Tailor Krisp to fit your specific needs. Adjust noise cancellation levels, choose different microphone and speaker options, and fine-tune settings to create your personalized audio oasis.

Why Krisp?

  • Productivity Boost: Eliminate distractions and focus on what matters. Krisp empowers you to have more productive and efficient conversations, whether you’re in a bustling coffee shop or a quiet home office.
  • Global Connectivity: Connect with confidence from anywhere in the world. Krisp ensures that your voice is heard clearly, transcending geographical boundaries for truly global communication.
  • Easy Setup: Experience the power of noise cancellation without the hassle. Krisp is easy to install, user-friendly, and starts enhancing your audio quality with just a few clicks.

Revolutionize your audio experience, free yourself from the noise, and amplify your communication with Krisp. Join the millions already enjoying the benefits of pristine audio – make every conversation a Krisp conversation!




User Experience
Forever Free plan
Krisp Free Forever: Enjoy Noise Cancellation, Unlimited Transcriptions, and More!


Save up to 30% in your subscription
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Pricing and Features

Product Tier


Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)


  • For individuals
  • $0 USD
  • Free forever
  • 60 Minutes/day of Noise, Background Voice, and Echo Cancellation
  • Unlimited Transcriptions
  • 2 Meeting Notes/day


Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)


  • All Free features, plus
  • Unlimited Noise, Background Voice, and Echo Cancellation
  • Unlimited Meeting Notes
  • Meeting Audio Recording (1.5 GB of Storage)
  • HD Noise Cancellation
  • Centralized user management
  • Centralized billing




  • For enterprises and call centers
  • Let’s talk for customized pricing based on requirements
  • Contact Sales for personalized assistance
  • Includes all Pro features, plus:
  • SSO & SCIM for enhanced security and user management
  • Analytics Dashboard for insightful data analysis
  • Premium support for priority assistance
  • Centralized settings management for streamlined operations
  • Device-based authentication for added security
  • Custom MSA support for tailored integration



Steps to cancel Krisp Subscription

To cancel your Krisp subscription, log in to your account on the Krisp website, navigate to the account settings, locate the subscription section, and follow the on-screen instructions Krisp Cancel Subscription.

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Product FAQ

What is Krisp, and how does it work for noise cancellation during audio calls?

Krisp is an AI-powered noise-canceling application designed to remove background noise during audio calls. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to distinguish between the user’s voice and background noise, ensuring clear and high-quality communication.

How can Krisp be integrated into audio and video conferencing platforms?

Krisp seamlessly integrates with various audio and video conferencing platforms. Users can simply select Krisp as their microphone and speaker device within the conferencing app’s settings. This integration ensures that Krisp works in real-time during calls, effectively eliminating background noise.

What types of background noise does Krisp cancel, and how effective is it?

Krisp is designed to cancel various types of background noise, including chatter, keyboard typing, traffic sounds, and more. Its effectiveness is notable, providing users with a significantly improved audio experience by reducing or eliminating distracting noises during calls.

Can Krisp be used in different environments, such as open offices or cafes?

Yes, Krisp is versatile and can be used in different environments, including open offices, cafes, or any location with ambient noise. It effectively filters out unwanted sounds, allowing users to maintain clear and professional communication regardless of their surroundings.

Does Krisp store or process any audio data, and how does it prioritize user privacy?

Krisp prioritizes user privacy and does not store or process any audio data from calls. The noise-canceling process takes place locally on the user’s device, ensuring that sensitive information is not transmitted or stored on external servers. Krisp follows strict privacy practices to protect user data.

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