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The Los Angeles Times delivers trusted local news and award-winning investigative journalism, keeping readers informed about Southern California. With insights on local politics, culture, and critical state issues, it connects communities with compelling storytelling.


What is Los Angeles Times?

The Los Angeles Times isn’t just a regional newspaper; it’s a trusted source for in-depth reporting focusing on Southern California. For over 142 years, The Los Angeles Times has provided compelling local coverage alongside insightful stories on critical issues facing California. From breaking news to award-winning investigative journalism, The Los Angeles Times keeps you connected to your community and informed about the state’s ever-evolving landscape.

Why Choose The Los Angeles Times?

Looking for reliable and comprehensive coverage of Southern California news? Here’s why The Los Angeles Times stands out:

  • Trusted Local Coverage: Stay informed about important stories impacting your community, from local politics and neighborhood developments to traffic updates and cultural events.
  • Award-Winning Investigative Journalism: Uncover the truth with in-depth reporting that holds powerful institutions accountable.
  • In-Depth California News: Gain insights on critical issues shaping the state, including water management, education, and environmental protection.
  • Engaging Entertainment and Lifestyle Content: Explore reviews, interviews, and features on the latest movies, restaurants, and cultural happenings in Southern California.
  • Digital and Print Options: Enjoy flexible access through the award-winning LA Times app, the printed newspaper, or both, tailoring your news consumption to your preferences.

Who is The Los Angeles Times For?

The Los Angeles Times caters to individuals living in or interested in Southern California:

  • Residents of Southern California: Stay informed and connected to your community with in-depth local news coverage.
  • Californians Statewide: Gain insights on critical issues shaping the state and broader California news.
  • Anyone Interested in Local News: The Los Angeles Times offers compelling storytelling that goes beyond regional borders.
  • News Enthusiasts: Enjoy award-winning journalism that uncovers the truth and holds the powerful accountable.
  • People on the Go: Stay informed with flexible access through the LA Times app.

The Los Angeles Times goes beyond a news source, offering trusted local reporting and award-winning investigative journalism. With its focus on in-depth coverage, engaging content, and flexible access options, The Los Angeles Times is the perfect choice for anyone seeking to stay informed about Southern California and California as a whole.


Pricing and Features

Product Tier

Free Plan

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


  • Breaking News Access: Stay updated with news on the homepage.
  • Free Articles: Enjoy a limited number of monthly articles.
  • Newsletter Sign-up: Subscribe to newsletters for curated content.
  • Additional Features: Access games, classifieds, obituaries, and more.

Digital Access

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


2 Year Price


  • Daily eNewspaper: Access the full digital newspaper edition daily.
  • Exclusive Events: Special opportunities at Los Angeles Times events.
  • Store Discounts: Get discounts, giveaways, and contest access.

Digital Access for Print Subscribers

Monthly Price

$3 minimum

Yearly Price

$36 minimum

  • Daily eNewspaper: Receive daily eNewspaper editions via email.
  • Unlimited Digital Access: Enjoy boundless content on website and app.
  • Online Account Management: Easily manage your account online.
  • Vacation Hold: Pause delivery during your vacations effortlessly.
  • Delivery Issue Reporting: Report any delivery issues conveniently.
  • Change Address: Update your address hassle-free.



Streamlining Your News Diet: Concluding Your Los Angeles Times Subscription

As your preferred sources of regional news and in-depth reporting evolve, or as you explore alternative news outlets, the Los Angeles Times offers a clear and efficient process to terminate your subscription. For a seamless transition and to prevent unexpected charges, kindly access this page.

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Product FAQ

What kind of news coverage does the Los Angeles Times focus on, and is it relevant for people outside California?

While the LAT excels in local news and California-centric stories, it offers a broader range of content to inform a wider audience:

  • In-Depth California Coverage: Get comprehensive reporting on California’s politics, social issues, entertainment industry, and environmental concerns.
  • Local Los Angeles News: Stay informed about happenings in Los Angeles, from city council decisions to breaking news stories and cultural events.
  • National and International News: The LAT covers significant national and international news stories, offering a Californian perspective on global events.
  • Award-Winning Investigative Journalism: The LAT has a reputation for investigative journalism, uncovering stories that impact local communities and beyond.

The LAT’s content, though strong in Californian affairs, can be valuable for anyone interested in in-depth local news, investigative journalism, and the broader Californian perspective on national and international events.

Is the Los Angeles Times considered a reliable source of news, and what editorial practices ensure accuracy?

The LAT has a long history of journalistic excellence and maintains high editorial standards:

  • Fact-Checking and Verification: Articles undergo a rigorous fact-checking process to ensure the accuracy of information published.
  • Experienced Journalists: The LAT employs a team of seasoned reporters and editors, known for their in-depth knowledge of California and investigative work.
  • Transparency in Sourcing: The LAT strives for transparency by citing sources and attributing information within their articles.
  • Corrections Policy: The LAT acknowledges and corrects any errors that might appear in their published content.

These practices contribute to the LAT’s reputation as a trusted source of news and investigative journalism, particularly within California.

How can I access Los Angeles Times content beyond their website?

The LAT offers multiple ways to stay informed with their content:

  • Website: Visit the LAT website on your computer or mobile device for the full range of articles, multimedia content, and interactive features.
  • Mobile App: Download the LAT app for smartphones and tablets to have breaking news updates, in-depth articles, and podcasts readily available.
  • Print Edition (with some subscriptions): Some subscription plans include home delivery of the physical newspaper, allowing you to enjoy in-depth articles in print format.

The availability of these options might vary depending on your chosen subscription plan and location.

Does The Los Angeles Times offer any resources specifically for Californians, beyond news articles?

The LAT recognizes the needs of its Californian audience and offers resources beyond just news:

  • Community Events Calendar: Discover local happenings, festivals, art exhibits, and community events happening across Los Angeles and Southern California.
  • Real Estate Listings (potential): Some subscription plans might include access to real estate listings within the LAT platform, helping Californians with their housing search (availability might vary).
  • High School Sports Coverage: The LAT provides dedicated coverage of high school sports within California, keeping you updated on local athletic teams and athletes.

These resources can be valuable for Californians seeking information about local events, housing, and staying connected to their communities.

How can I stay updated on breaking news from Los Angeles and California with The Los Angeles Times?

The LAT offers several ways to ensure you don’t miss important local breaking news:

  • Push Notifications (with app): Enable push notifications on the LAT app to receive immediate alerts for breaking news stories specific to Los Angeles and California.
  • Breaking News Section: The LAT website and app have dedicated sections for breaking news, allowing you to stay informed about the latest local developments.
  • Following on Social Media: Follow the Los Angeles Times on social media platforms like Twitter for breaking news updates and links to their latest articles with a focus on California.

By utilizing these methods, you can stay informed about breaking news as it unfolds within Los Angeles and the wider Californian region.