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Squint is an AR platform in Silicon Valley backed by Sequoia Capital and Menlo Ventures, focusing on accelerating human potential through innovative technology for educators, designers, businesses, and tech enthusiasts.


What is Squint?

Squint is an Augmented Reality (AR) platform with a mission to accelerate human potential. Based in Silicon Valley, Squint is a software company backed by Sequoia Capital and Menlo Ventures, known for their investments in tech giants like Apple, Google, Uber, and more. With a team boasting deep expertise in AR, including over 45 foundational patents and past work featured in Apple Event keynotes, Squint is dedicated to bringing digital knowledge into the real world. The unique feature of Squint is its “”open world”” AR product, which can be created anywhere, on the spot, without the need for QR codes or 3D models to detect objects and orient itself precisely.

Why Use Squint?

In the realm of AR platforms, Squint stands out for:

  1. Accelerating Human Potential: Squint’s focus on bringing digital knowledge into the real world aims to enhance human potential by seamlessly integrating digital information with physical surroundings.
  2. Innovative Technology: With a team holding numerous patents and a track record of being featured in major tech events, Squint offers cutting-edge AR technology for a wide range of applications.
  3. Real-World Integration: The “”open world”” nature of Squint’s AR product allows for on-the-spot creation and interaction with digital content, making it versatile and user-friendly.
  4. Backed by Industry Leaders: Being backed by Sequoia Capital and Menlo Ventures, Squint benefits from the expertise and resources of top investors in the tech industry, ensuring its growth and success.

Who is Squint For?

Squint caters to a diverse audience, including:

  1. Educators: Educators can leverage Squint for interactive and engaging learning experiences, bringing educational content to life in the real world through AR technology.
  2. Designers: Designers can use Squint for prototyping, visualizing concepts, and enhancing creative processes by integrating digital elements into physical spaces.
  3. Businesses: Businesses can benefit from Squint’s AR capabilities for marketing, training, and enhancing customer experiences through immersive digital content.
  4. Tech Enthusiasts: Tech enthusiasts and early adopters of AR technology can explore the innovative features of Squint for personal projects, experimentation, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AR.

Squint offers a unique AR platform that bridges the gap between digital and physical worlds, aiming to accelerate human potential through innovative technology and real-world integration. Whether you’re an educator, designer, business professional, or tech enthusiast, Squint provides the tools and capabilities to unlock new possibilities in the realm of augmented reality.



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Pricing and Features

Product Tier




  • Custom Development: Services to develop bespoke AR solutions that integrate seamlessly with the client’s existing systems or operations.
  • Platform Access: Subscription-based access to AR platforms that might include various tools and features for creating and managing AR content.
  • Support and Maintenance: Ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the AR solutions operate smoothly and evolve with the client’s needs.
  • Training and Consultation: Educational services to help clients understand and maximize the use of AR technology in their operations.



Steps to Cancel Squint Subscription.

Canceling your Squint subscription is a simple process. You can follow a few easy steps to initiate the cancellation or explore options to switch to a different plan. For detailed instructions, refer to Squint Cancellation Guide.

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Product FAQ

What is Squint and how does it work?

Squint is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to analyze and interpret visual data. It can be used for tasks such as image recognition, object detection, and facial recognition. Users can upload images to Squint and receive insights and analysis based on the visual content.

How accurate is Squint in its analysis?

Squint uses state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to provide accurate analysis of visual data. The platform is constantly being updated and improved to ensure high levels of accuracy in its results.

Can Squint be used for real-time image analysis?

Yes, Squint can be integrated into applications and systems to provide real-time image analysis. This can be useful for tasks such as monitoring security cameras, analyzing medical images, or automating quality control processes.

Is Squint easy to use for non-technical users?

Yes, Squint is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise. The platform provides a simple interface for uploading images and viewing analysis results, making it easy for non-technical users to utilize its capabilities.

What industries can benefit from using Squint?

Squint can be beneficial for a wide range of industries, including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, security, and entertainment. It can be used for tasks such as diagnosing medical conditions from images, analyzing customer behavior in retail stores, monitoring production lines for defects, and identifying individuals in security footage.

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