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Artera is a patient communication platform revolutionizing healthcare by prioritizing customer service. It offers connected patient experiences, empowers organizations, supports multichannel communication, and provides secure, multilingual messaging for healthcare providers, administrative staff, patients, and organizations.

13% Off on Subscription with Artera

How much can customers reduce their spend with Artera?

13% Per Year

How to Reduce Your Artera Subscription Cost

Artera aims to revolutionize healthcare customer service. To reduce your subscription costs, consider these strategies:

Minimum estimated potential saving – 13%.

How to Reduce the Cost of Artera Subscription

Direct Ways to Reduce Subscription Costs:

Currently, there are no specific tricks identified to directly reduce Artera subscription costs.

Additional Reduction Methods:

  • Optimize User Licenses: Audit user licenses and remove inactive users. Consider permission sets to grant specific functionalities instead of assigning full licenses for basic needs.
  • Data Storage Management: Archive old data and utilize data validation rules to prevent unnecessary data entry that consumes storage.
  • Process Automation: Utilize workflow and approval processes to automate manual tasks, reducing the need for additional licenses.

How to Implement a Workaround to Reduce Subscription for Artera

Currently, there are no identified workarounds to reduce Artera subscription costs.

Additional Workarounds:

  • Integrations with Free/Freemium Tools: Explore free or freemium tools like Zapier to automate tasks that might require additional licenses. Consider integrating with freemium tools like Slack for internal team usage.

How to Reduce Artera via Bundling

Currently, there are no identified bundling options to reduce Artera subscription costs.

Additional Bundling Options:

  • Pairing/Bundling for Discounts: Explore partner programs to check if your company qualifies for discounts through partnerships with other software providers.

Negotiate with Support: Customer Support Details of Artera

  • Speak with Artera Support Team: Contact support and discuss your current usage patterns. They might offer discounts based on your specific needs and historical data.
  • Negotiate Renewal Rates: Before your subscription renews, negotiate renewal rates with support. Loyalty and commitment to the platform can sometimes lead to better pricing.

How to Switch to Subscription Type for Artera

  • Switch to Annual Subscription: Switching to annual subscriptions often comes with a discount compared to monthly billing.
  • Reduce Inactive Users: Regularly review user activity and remove inactive user licenses to optimize costs.

Switch to Alternative for Artera

Consider exploring these alternatives:

  1. Luma Health: Luma Health offers patient engagement solutions to streamline healthcare communication. Website
  2. Relatient: Relatient provides patient engagement and telehealth solutions for healthcare organizations. Website
  3. Solutionreach: Solutionreach offers patient relationship management solutions for healthcare practices. Website

Open-Source Solutions: Depending on your needs, explore open-source solutions that might offer similar functionalities at a lower cost. When searching, try “Opensource for Artera” to find applicable tools.