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Aspiration offers sustainable banking with carbon offsetting, cash back for eco-purchases, high-yield savings, and low fees. Ideal for those who want their banking to align with their values and make a positive impact.

How to Cancel Aspiration Subscription

Contemplating discontinuing your relationship with Aspiration? This guide facilitates a streamlined closure process, ensuring a formal termination of your client agreement and account services.

Important Prerequisite:

Prior to account closure, Aspiration requires the liquidation of any investment holdings within your account. This ensures a clean settlement and avoids complications during the closure process.

Cancellation Method:

  1. Contact Information: Contact Aspiration’s customer service department by calling their toll-free number: 800.683.8529.
  2. Account Verification: The customer service representative will request your account information to verify your identity and ownership of the account you wish to close.
  3. Closure Request: Clearly communicate your intent to terminate your client agreement with Aspiration and close your account.
  4. Confirmation and Information: The representative will guide you through the final steps of the closure process and provide any relevant information regarding data retention practices. Aspiration will remove your account details, transactions, and login information from their active records but may retain certain data as required by law.

Post-Closure Considerations:

  • Data Retention: While Aspiration removes most account information upon closure, they may retain some data for legal or regulatory purposes. Inquire about their specific data retention policies during the closure process.

By following these steps and initiating a phone call to Aspiration’s customer service department, you can effectively terminate your client agreement and close your account in a professional and efficient manner.

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