Get Customized Pricing with Bagisto's Customer Group Discounts!
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Bagisto, an open-source eCommerce platform on Laravel PHP, offers businesses a customizable solution for online stores. With modular architecture, multi-channel selling, and a user-friendly interface, it caters to developers, business owners, and entrepreneurs, fostering adaptability and growth.

Unlock Customized Pricing with Bagisto’s Customer Group Discounts! - Get the most out of Bagisto

How much can customers save with Bagisto deal?

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How to Claim:

  1. Visit the Bagisto Website: Access the Bagisto website using the provided link: Bagisto.
  2. Explore Customer Group Pricing: Navigate to the relevant section on the website to learn more about customer group pricing.
  3. Set Up Customer Groups: If you're an administrator or have the necessary permissions, set up customer groups such as "General," "Wholesale," or "Guest" in the Bagisto dashboard.
  4. Configure Pricing for Products: In the catalog section, add the desired product for which you want to offer customized pricing.
  5. Adjust Pricing Settings: In the pricing section of the product settings, configure the customer group pricing options. Choose between discounted price or fixed price, and set the percentage discount or specific price accordingly.
  6. Assign Customer Groups: Assign the created customer groups to the respective customers based on their membership or status (e.g., prime membership group, guest group, wholesale group).
  7. Save Product Settings: Once the pricing settings are configured, save the product settings to apply the customized pricing.
  8. Verify Pricing Changes: Check the product page to verify that the discounted or fixed pricing is correctly displayed for the assigned customer groups.
  9. Repeat for Other Products or Groups: Repeat the process for other products or customer groups as needed to offer customized pricing across your catalog.
  10. Enjoy the Benefits: With customer group pricing set up, customers belonging to specific groups will see discounted prices or fixed prices tailored to their group membership, potentially leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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