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Budibase, an innovative low-code platform, accelerates custom application development with a no-code interface and extensive customization options. Ideal for developers, non-technical professionals, and SMBs, it supports collaborative development for a streamlined and inclusive application creation experience.

Budibase: Free Open-Source Platform for Rapid App Development and Workflow Automation - Get the most out of Budibase

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Free Usage for Community

How to Use:

Step 1: Sign Up Visit the Budibase website and sign up for a free account. Step 2: Access Features Utilize the key features available on the free plan, including:
  • Unlimited apps and workflows
  • Unlimited datasources
  • Single Sign-On (OIDC, Google, Microsoft)
  • Embeds (Public and private)
  • Multi-player collaboration
  • Granular Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Community support
Step 3: Build Apps and Workflows Explore the various solutions Budibase offers:
  • Management Apps: Create apps for ticketing systems, inventory management, etc.
  • Portals: Design custom experiences for clients, suppliers, or partners.
  • Approval Flows: Establish unique approval processes for holiday requests, work assignments, etc.
  • Forms: Build powerful forms that securely store data within your own database.
  • Admin Panels: Deliver admin panels for tasks like password resets, client refunds, etc.
Step 4: Utilize Budibase's Features
  • Connect any datasource or start from scratch with Budibase's built-in database.
  • Turn your data into apps with just one click, using Budibase's automation capabilities.
  • Design visually appealing apps with over 40 pre-built components and templates.
  • Automate manual processes and streamline operations within your apps and business.
Step 5: Self-Hosting and Security
  • Budibase is open-source, allowing you to self-host via Docker or Kubernetes.
  • Benefit from enterprise-grade security, as Budibase is ISO 27001 certified and committed to ongoing compliance.
  • Customize your setup with features like custom RBAC, SSO, SAML, backups, and audit logs.
Step 6: Collaboration and Flexibility
  • Collaborate with your entire IT department, from engineers to technical support, to build apps and automate workflows.
  • Use Budibase's Public API to extend your apps and benefit from interoperability.
  • Extend Budibase with JavaScript, power up with plugins, embed apps externally, connect any datasource, and host anywhere.

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