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Carta streamlines equity management for startups, ditching spreadsheets with intuitive cap table tools, simplified equity issuance, streamlined fundraising, automated compliance, real-time valuation, global capabilities, and a secure platform, empowering stakeholders for success.


What is Carta?

Ditch the spreadsheets and fragmented equity management tools. Carta isn’t just another cap table software; it’s a powerful and comprehensive platform designed to streamline equity management for startups of all sizes. Ditch the manual data entry, complex calculations, and compliance challenges and focus on empowering your founders, employees, and investors with a transparent and efficient ownership management solution. Carta offers a suite of tools to manage your cap table, issue and track stock options, facilitate fundraising rounds, and ensure regulatory compliance, all within a user-friendly and secure platform.

Why Choose Carta?

Struggling with cumbersome cap tables, inefficient equity issuance processes, and difficulty maintaining compliance? Carta offers a compelling solution:

  • Effortless Cap Table Management: Maintain a centralized and up-to-date record of your company’s ownership structure with Carta’s intuitive cap table tools.
  • Simplified Equity Issuance: Grant stock options and other forms of equity to founders, employees, and investors with a few clicks.
  • Streamlined Fundraising: Manage fundraising rounds efficiently with Carta’s built-in tools for investor communication, document management, and e-signatures.
  • Automated Compliance Tools: Ensure you meet all regulatory requirements with Carta’s automated tools for legal document generation, filing reminders, and data security.
  • Real-Time Valuation Tools: Gain valuable insights into your company’s valuation with Carta’s data-driven analytics and reporting features.
  • Global Equity Management: Carta caters to companies with international operations, supporting multiple currencies and regulations.
  • Secure and Scalable Platform: Your data is protected with Carta’s robust security measures, ensuring peace of mind as your company grows.

Who is Carta For?

Carta empowers businesses and individuals at all stages of the startup journey:

  • Founders & CEOs: Focus on building your business with the confidence of knowing your equity is managed effectively.
  • HR & Finance Teams: Simplify equity administration and streamline workflows with Carta’s automation capabilities.
  • Employees: Access your equity information easily and stay informed about your ownership stake.
  • Investors: Invest with confidence with access to transparent ownership data and secure communication channels.
  • Lawyers & Advisors: Carta provides a central platform for legal document management and collaboration.
  • Early-Stage Startups: Establish a strong foundation for ownership management from the very beginning.
  • Growth-Stage Companies: Scale your equity management efficiently as your company expands.

Carta stands out as a leader in the equity management landscape. Its commitment to effortless cap table management, simplified equity issuance, streamlined fundraising, automated compliance, real-time valuation tools, global capabilities, and a secure platform makes it an attractive choice for startups seeking to ditch manual processes, empower stakeholders, and build a strong foundation for long-term success.




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Pricing and Features

Product Tier

Companies Build Plan



  • Fundraising & Equity Issuance: Fundraising managing, from SAFE financing to stock issuance.
  • Cap Table & Stock Options: Track & manage your cap table & employee stock options.
  • Modeling & Reporting: Run scenarios, model exits, and generate detailed reports.
  • Deal Closing Tools: Automate and expedite deal closing processes.
  • Secure Board Consents: Gather board approvals electronically.
  • Investor Relations: Keep investors informed with regular updates
  • Implementation Support: Support for smooth onboarding and ongoing assistance.

Companies Grow Plan



  • Build Plan Benefits: Includes all benefits from the Build Plan.
  • Industry-Leading Valuations: Accurate valuations follow IFRS 13, 409A standards.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Access detailed reports for clear financial insights.
  • Valuation Audit Support:Expert help navigating valuation audit complexities.
  • Exclusive Account Support: Personalized support from dedicated account manager.

Companies Scale Plan



  • Build Plan Benefits: Includes all benefits from the Build Plan.
  • Best-in-Class Compliance: Ensures robust compliance w/ complex regulations.
  • Stakeholder Management: Manage relationships with diverse stakeholders.
  • Expense Reporting: Detailed expense reports compliant with IFRS 2/ASC 718.
  • Financial Reporting Support: Expert help with technical financial reporting aspects.

For Investors



  • Real-Time Reporting: Instant access to key metrics for decisions.
  • Fund Administration: Leverage 200+ experienced accountants for operations.
  • Centralized Hub: Consolidate LP communication, access portfolio data.
  • LP Portal: Securely provide LPs access to fund data.
  • SPV Formation & Closing: Efficiently establish and close SPVs with Carta.
  • Scenario Modeling Tools: Utilize scenario modeling for analyzing investment outcomes.



Streamlining Your Equity Management: Concluding Your Carta Journey

As your cap table management needs evolve or you explore alternative equity solutions for your organization, Carta offers a clear and efficient process to terminate your account. To ensure a smooth transition and avoid unintended charges, kindly visit this page.

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Product FAQ

What is Carta and what does it offer for businesses?

Carta is a digital platform designed to streamline equity management for businesses, particularly those with a focus on innovation and technology. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help companies manage ownership effectively:

  • Cap Table Management: Carta allows you to create, maintain, and visualize your company’s cap table in real-time. This centralizes ownership data, including shareholder information, ownership percentages, and dilution tracking.
  • Employee Stock Options (ESOP) Administration: Carta simplifies the process of granting, managing, and exercising stock options for employees. This includes functionalities for option pool creation, grant issuance, and tax calculations.
  • Fund Administration: For companies raising capital through venture funding, Carta offers tools for streamlined fund administration. This can include investor onboarding, document management, waterfall calculations, and distribution tracking.
  • Secondary Transactions: Carta facilitates secondary transactions such as stock option exercises or employee departures. The platform can manage the legal and financial aspects of these transactions, ensuring smooth execution.
  • Data Security and Compliance: Carta prioritizes data security and regulatory compliance. They utilize industry-standard encryption protocols to safeguard sensitive equity data and adhere to relevant regulations regarding ownership management.

By offering these functionalities, Carta aims to empower businesses to manage their ownership structure efficiently, incentivize employees through stock options, and stay compliant with regulations as they grow and scale.

Is Carta suitable for companies of all sizes, or is it geared towards startups?

While Carta positions itself as a strong solution for startups and high-growth technology companies, their platform can be beneficial for businesses of various sizes:

  • Startup Advantage: Carta’s features cater well to the dynamic equity needs of startups, including managing stock option pools, tracking dilution, and facilitating fundraising rounds.
  • Scalability for Growth: As your company scales, Carta can adapt to your evolving ownership structure, accommodating additional investors, complex secondary transactions, and ongoing employee stock option management.
  • Enterprise-Level Security: Carta prioritizes data security and offers features suitable for larger enterprises, ensuring the platform can scale alongside your business’s security needs.

Whether you’re a young startup or a more established business, Carta’s functionalities can streamline your equity management processes, improve transparency around ownership, and empower data-driven decision-making regarding your company’s capital structure.

Is Carta secure for storing sensitive company equity data?

Security is a top priority for Carta when handling sensitive company information, with a focus on several key features: industry-standard data encryption protocols, user role definition for access controls, comprehensive audit logs tracking all platform activity, and adherence to relevant security standards and compliance certifications. While it’s prudent to examine Carta’s security measures thoroughly, these outlined features underscore their dedication to protecting sensitive company equity data.

How does Carta compare to traditional methods of equity management, such as spreadsheets?

Carta offers significant advantages over using manual spreadsheets for equity management:

  • Accuracy and Error Reduction: Spreadsheets are prone to errors and inconsistencies. Carta automates calculations and ensures data accuracy across the platform.
  • Real-time Insights: Carta provides real-time access to cap table data and ownership information. Spreadsheets require manual updates and limit data accessibility.
  • Collaboration and Security: Carta facilitates secure collaboration and access control for equity data. Sharing spreadsheets can be risky and lack version control.
  • Scalability and Compliance: Carta scales efficiently as your company grows. Spreadsheets become cumbersome and unwieldy as ownership structures become more complex.
  • Automation and Efficiency: Carta automates tasks like option exercises and reporting, freeing up valuable time for your team compared to manual spreadsheet management.

By offering a centralized, secure, and automated platform, Carta surpasses the limitations of traditional spreadsheets for managing company equity effectively.

Does Carta integrate with any other business software I might already use?

Carta prioritizes seamless integration with various business software solutions to streamline workflows:

  • Accounting Software: Integrate Carta with popular accounting software like NetSuite or QuickBooks to ensure automatic synchronization of equity data and avoid manual data entry.
  • HR Software: Connect Carta with HR platforms like BambooHR or Zenefits to simplify employee stock option administration and streamline communication with employees regarding equity ownership.
  • Legal Documents: Utilize Carta to securely store and manage legal documents related to equity, such as stock option agreements or shareholder agreements. This centralizes important documentation and ensures easy access for authorized personnel.
  • Fundraising Platforms: Carta integrates with fundraising platforms to facilitate the fundraising process. You can share confidential documents with potential investors securely within the Carta platform.

These are just a few examples, and Carta offers a growing list of integrations with various business software solutions. By integrating with your existing tools, Carta aims to minimize data silos, improve workflow efficiency, and ensure a centralized hub for managing all aspects of your company’s equity.

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