Coinbase Pricing & Features Overview- Subscribed.FYI


Coinbase simplifies cryptocurrency management for all users with its user-friendly platform, diverse coin offerings, robust security, and options like Coinbase Pro. It caters to beginners and experienced traders alike.


What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform that makes buying, selling, storing, and managing digital currencies accessible to users of all experience levels. Coinbase simplifies the often-complex world of cryptocurrency by providing a user-friendly platform and robust security features.

Why Use Coinbase?

Coinbase offers several key advantages for both beginners and experienced cryptocurrency users:

  • Easy to Use: Coinbase boasts a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies, even for those with no prior experience.
  • Wide Variety of Cryptocurrencies: Coinbase supports a vast array of popular cryptocurrencies, allowing users to invest in a diversified portfolio of digital assets.
  • Secure Platform: Coinbase prioritizes security by employing industry-leading security measures to protect user funds and digital assets.
  • Fiat On-Ramp and Off-Ramp: Coinbase allows users to easily convert between cryptocurrency and traditional fiat currencies (like USD or EUR), making it convenient to enter and exit the cryptocurrency market.
  • Coinbase Pro: For more experienced users, Coinbase offers Coinbase Pro, a platform with advanced features and trading tools for active traders.

Who is Coinbase For?

Coinbase caters to a broad spectrum of cryptocurrency users:

  • Beginners: Coinbase’s user-friendly interface and educational resources make it a perfect platform for newcomers to the world of cryptocurrency.
  • Casual Investors: Those seeking a secure and convenient way to invest in popular cryptocurrencies will find Coinbase to be a user-friendly solution.
  • Active Traders: Coinbase Pro offers the features and functionality needed by experienced traders looking for a robust platform for active cryptocurrency trading.

Coinbase stands out as a user-friendly and secure platform for buying, selling, trading, and managing cryptocurrencies. With its wide range of features, support for multiple digital assets, and options for both beginners and experienced users, Coinbase is a strong contender for anyone looking to participate in the cryptocurrency market.



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Pricing and Features

Product Tier


Exchange Fee

0.00% - 0.60%

Coinbase One


Coinbase Advanced

<=0.4% maker, <=0.6% taker

Coinbase Pro

<=0.4% maker, <=0.6% taker

  • Crypto Transactions: Easily buy, sell, and use cryptocurrencies.
  • Secure Wallet: Safely store your crypto assets with Coinbase’s built-in wallet.
  • Premium Membership: Upgrade to Coinbase One for exclusive benefits.
  • Advanced Trading: Access advanced tools for experienced traders.
  • Earn Interest: Earn interest on supported crypto holdings with Coinbase Earn.
  • NFT Marketplace: Explore, create, and collect Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).
  • Crypto Debit Card: Spend crypto directly and earn rewards on purchases.
  • Direct Deposit: Receive paycheck or deposits in crypto or USD with no fees.
  • Coinbase Pro: Professional-grade trading tools for experienced users.


Coinbase Prime

pricing and fees vary

  • Institutional Solutions: Tailored investment solutions for institutional investors.
  • Prime Platform: Advanced brokerage services for institutional investors.
  • Crypto Payments: Integrate crypto payments seamlessly into businesses.
  • Exchange Access: Direct access to Coinbase’s efficient trading exchange.
  • Global Markets: Reach global crypto markets with Coinbase’s platform.
  • Data Marketplace: Access comprehensive crypto market data insights.
  • Asset Listing: List digital assets on Coinbase for wider exposure.
  • Venture Capital: Connect with investors for crypto startups.
  • Staking Infrastructure: Utilize Coinbase’s cloud-based staking infrastructure.


Coinbase Cloud

8% service fee



  • Cloud Platform: Develop web3 applications using Coinbase Cloud’s tools.
  • Staking Integration: Integrate staking for 15+ blockchain networks.
  • Wallet Creation: Develop native crypto wallets within dapps.
  • Wallet SDK: Link dapps to Coinbase Wallet for user ease.
  • Payment Solution: Implement secure fiat-to-crypto payments in dapps.
  • Commerce API: Enable crypto payments for goods/services in applications.
  • Exchange Integration: Automate trading strategies with Coinbase exchange.
  • User Authentication: Offer “Sign in with Coinbase” for dapp users.
  • Blockchain Integration: Seamlessly integrate blockchain tech into environments.



Streamlining Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio: Concluding Your Coinbase Account

As your digital asset portfolio and investment strategies evolve, or as you explore alternative cryptocurrency platforms, Coinbase offers a clear and efficient process to close your account. To guarantee a seamless changeover and prevent any remaining balances, kindly refer to this page.

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Product FAQ

What types of cryptocurrencies can I buy and sell on Coinbase, and is it suitable for beginners?

Coinbase offers a curated selection of cryptocurrencies, prioritizing established and reputable digital assets:

  • Popular Cryptocurrencies: Buy and sell major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin, allowing you to participate in the most recognized parts of the cryptocurrency market.
  • Focus on Security: Coinbase prioritizes security measures, potentially appealing to beginners who might be apprehensive about the inherent risks of cryptocurrency investment.
  • Limited Selection: Compared to some other exchanges, Coinbase offers a smaller selection of cryptocurrencies. This might limit investment options for experienced users seeking more exotic or emerging crypto assets.

Coinbase’s user-friendly interface, educational resources, and focus on established cryptocurrencies can be a good starting point for beginners venturing into the cryptocurrency market.

Does Coinbase offer any features beyond buying and selling cryptocurrency, and are there any fees involved?

Coinbase goes beyond simple cryptocurrency trading and offers additional features:

  • Coinbase Earn: Learn about specific cryptocurrencies through educational modules and earn small amounts of those cryptocurrencies as a reward (a good way for beginners to gain exposure to new coins).
  • Coinbase Wallet: Store your cryptocurrency holdings in a secure digital wallet offered by Coinbase, potentially providing an extra layer of security compared to keeping your coins on the exchange.
  • Fees: Coinbase charges fees for buying and selling cryptocurrency, typically a spread or a flat transaction fee. The exact fee structure can vary depending on your chosen payment method and transaction size.

Understanding the fees associated with buying, selling, and potentially storing your cryptocurrency on Coinbase is crucial before making any investment decisions.

Is Coinbase a safe and secure platform for storing my cryptocurrency, or should I consider alternative wallets?

Coinbase prioritizes security measures to protect user assets:

  • Secure Storage: Coinbase utilizes industry-standard security practices to safeguard user funds, with a majority of cryptocurrency holdings stored offline in secure cold storage facilities.
  • Insurance: Coinbase holds insurance on a portion of its digital assets stored online, offering some protection in case of a security breach.
  • Regulation: Coinbase operates as a regulated financial institution, adhering to compliance standards that might offer some peace of mind to new investors.

However, some users prefer additional control over their cryptocurrency and might opt for private, non-custodial wallets for their holdings. Consider your risk tolerance and desired level of control when deciding where to store your cryptocurrency.

How does Coinbase compare to other cryptocurrency exchanges, and what are the key differences?

Coinbase positions itself as a user-friendly and secure platform, but there are trade-offs to consider:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Coinbase is known for its simple and intuitive interface, making it easier for beginners to navigate compared to some more complex exchanges.
  • Limited Crypto Selection: As mentioned earlier, Coinbase offers a smaller selection of cryptocurrencies compared to some competitors. Experienced users seeking a wider range of investment options might look elsewhere.
  • Potentially Higher Fees: Coinbase’s fees might be slightly higher than some other exchanges. Weigh the convenience and security features against potential fee savings offered by other platforms.

Ultimately, the best platform depends on your needs. If you prioritize user-friendliness, security, and established cryptocurrencies, Coinbase could be a good fit. For experienced users seeking a wider selection or potentially lower fees, other exchanges might be worth exploring.

What resources does Coinbase offer to help me learn more about cryptocurrency and make informed investment decisions?

Coinbase recognizes the educational needs of new cryptocurrency investors and offers resources to get you started:

  • Coinbase Learn: Access educational articles, videos, and quizzes that cover various cryptocurrency topics, helping you understand the basics of blockchain technology, different digital assets, and potential risks involved.
  • Market Insights: Stay informed about current cryptocurrency market trends and news articles directly within the Coinbase platform.
  • Focus on Established Cryptocurrencies: By focusing on major, well-established cryptocurrencies, Coinbase might implicitly guide beginners towards less risky investment options within the inherently volatile cryptocurrency market.

While these resources can be a starting point, it’s crucial to conduct your own research, consult with a financial advisor if needed, and fully understand the risks involved before investing in any cryptocurrency.