Earn 50% Commission with Decktopus Affiliate Program! - Subscribed.FYI
Web Development & Design


Decktopus revolutionizes presentations with AI-driven content generation, intuitive editing, and real-time collaboration. Ideal for professionals seeking impactful presentations without design expertise. Empowering sales, educators, leaders, and entrepreneurs to craft compelling narratives effortlessly.

Earn 50% Commission with Decktopus Affiliate Program! - Get the most out of Decktopus

How much can customers save with Decktopus deal?

50% Commission

How to claim the deal:

  1. Join the Affiliate Program: Visit the Decktopus Affiliate Program page on the website.
  2. Fill Out Form: Fill out the short form provided to start the application process.
  3. Application Review: The Decktopus team will review your application and approve it if you meet the qualifying criteria.
  4. Receive Unique Link: Upon approval, receive a unique affiliate link for directing traffic to Decktopus.
  5. Share and Earn: Share your affiliate link through various channels such as email, YouTube, webinars, blog articles, podcasts, paid traffic, banner ads, and social media.
  6. Unlimited Earnings: Earn a 50% commission from qualifying purchases, with no limit on the number of customers you can refer or the commissions you can earn.
  7. Monthly Payouts: Commissions are processed monthly via PayPal, providing a consistent income stream.
  8. Reach Out for PPC Campaigns: If interested in running PPC campaigns, reach out to the affiliate manager for permission.
  9. Leverage Program Benefits: Take advantage of program benefits, including a 14-day refund policy, 30-day cookie lifetime, and frequent payout cycles.

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