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Directus, an open-source headless CMS, separates content and presentation layers, providing flexibility for developers. With a user-friendly interface, customization options, and real-time collaboration, Directus caters to developers, content managers, and enterprises seeking adaptable content management solutions across platforms.

Directus: The Open Data Platform Revolutionizing Database Management for Every Team - Get the most out of Directus

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Free Usage for Community

How to Use:

Step 1: Installation and Setup
  • Visit the Directus website at and navigate to the Quickstart Guide.
  • Follow the instructions to install Directus either locally or on your preferred server environment.
Step 2: Linking to Your Database and File Storage
  • Once Directus is installed, link it to your desired SQL database and file storage adapter.
  • Configure Directus to connect to your database by providing the necessary credentials and connection details.
  • Set up file storage adapters to manage digital file assets associated with your data.
Step 3: Database Introspection and Abstraction
  • Directus utilizes Database Introspection to analyze and understand your database structure.
  • This process creates an abstraction layer that handles the complexities of different SQL flavors and data types.
  • Database introspection ensures seamless integration with any major SQL database without vendor lock-in.
Step 4: Exploring Directus Features
  • Directus dynamically generates REST and GraphQL API endpoints to manage your data with granular control.
  • Utilize the provided CLI tools for file management and the JavaScript SDK for additional flexibility.
  • The Directus App serves as a GUI for accessing the API, providing a no-code solution for database management.
Step 5: Custom Configuration Options
  • Customize Directus according to your project requirements using extensive configuration options.
  • Adjust global variables in the codebase to configure authentication methods, caching details, default file storage locations, and more.
Step 6: Understanding Directus Vocabulary
  • Familiarize yourself with Directus terminology to simplify navigation and usage.
  • Terms such as Project (database), Collection (table), Field (column), Item (record), and Type (datatype) are used to describe database elements.
Step 7: Determining Use Cases
  • Identify the specific use case(s) for which you intend to use Directus, such as Headless CMS, Internal Tool Builder, Backend-as-a-Service, or Data Management and Analytics.
  • Directus can adapt to various data-driven projects and can be linked or removed at any time without impact on your data.
Step 8: Deployment on Directus Cloud (Optional)
  • Consider using Directus Cloud for simplified deployment and management of your Directus projects.
  • Directus Cloud provides scalable infrastructure, automatic updates, and straightforward analytics.
  • Sign up for a free account, set up teams and projects, and deploy your Directus projects with ease.
Step 9: Engaging with the Directus Community
  • Join the Directus community to stay updated on platform developments, participate in discussions, and seek assistance.
  • Connect with fellow developers, contributors, and users through Discord, GitHub, and other channels.
  • Share your experiences and contribute to the improvement of the Directus platform.

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