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How to Cancel Flexport Subscription

While Flexport doesn’t explicitly mention “subscription cancellations” within their publicly available information, their support channels offer clear methods for terminating your service agreement. Here’s how:

Contacting Flexport Support:

Flexport provides two primary options for initiating service termination:

Live Chat:

  1. During Flexport’s live chat support hours (7AM – 5PM CST), you can access the chat functionality directly within the SellerPortal.
  2. Select “Talk to Support” from the left-hand side banner.
  3. Click “Send us a message” to initiate a chat with their support team.
  4. Clearly communicate your intent to cancel your service agreement.

Submit a Support Ticket:

  1. If live chat support is unavailable or you prefer written communication, submit a ticket through Flexport’s support portal .
  2. Clearly outline your request to cancel your service agreement.
  3. Providing relevant details like your account information can expedite the process.


Once you contact Flexport through either live chat or a support ticket, wait for confirmation acknowledging your service termination. This is crucial to avoid future charges.

Additional Considerations:

  • Contractual Terms: While Flexport’s publicly available information doesn’t specify cancellation terms, your service agreement might outline specific notice periods or potential fees associated with early termination.
  • Outstanding Balances: Ensure you have settled any outstanding balances before requesting service termination to avoid complications.
  • Data Deletion: Flexport’s data deletion policies are likely outlined within their terms of service. If you have concerns about data retention, clarify your preferences during the cancellation process.

By following these steps and directly contacting Flexport’s support team, you can effectively initiate the cancellation of your service agreement and ensure a smooth termination process.

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