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FormKit, an open-source Vue.js form framework, accelerates development with powerful features, diverse inputs, flexible styling, dynamic schema support, and efficient architecture. Ideal for Vue developers and application builders seeking streamlined form development.

FormKit: The Open-Source Form Framework for Vue - Get the most out of FormKit

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How to Use:

  1. Installation:
  • Vue 3 or Nuxt 3
  • Node.js: 14.18.0, 16.12.0, or higher
  • Terminal: To run npm/yarn commands
Installation instruction wizard:
  • Run npx formkit create-app in the terminal to start a new project.
  • Answer the questions prompted by create-app to set up your project.
  • Follow the instructions to install dependencies and start a development server.
  • Create a FormKit config file in the root of your project if it doesn't exist.
  • Import the config file for use in your Vue App.
  • Using the Web UI: Customize themes at and download the theme.
  • Using the CLI: Run npx formkit theme in the same directory as your config file.
Adding Icons:
  • Install FormKit icons with npm install @formkit/icons.
  • Import and spread the icons into the FormKit config.
Further Customization: Follow the documentation provided in the styling section of the FormKit docs. Adding Pro Inputs:
  • Get a Project Key from FormKit Pro.
  • Install @formkit/pro package.
  • Import necessary Pro Inputs from @formkit/pro.
  • Configure the Pro plugin with your Project Key.
  • Add the plugin to your FormKit config.
Adding the Legacy Pro Genesis Theme:
  • If using the legacy Genesis CSS theme, install the Pro CSS.
  • Import @formkit/themes/genesis and @formkit/pro/genesis.
Docs: Refer to the FormKit documentation for more detailed information on various aspects such as Inputs, Playground, Pro, etc. This information provides a comprehensive guide on how to use FormKit for Vue projects, including installation, configuration, theming, customization, and adding Pro features.

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