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Customer Relationship Management


Grain automates note-taking for sales teams with AI-powered features like automatic recording, transcription, and deal analytics. Streamline workflows, gain valuable insights, and enhance coaching efficiency for impactful, data-driven decisions and growth.


What is Grain?

Ditch the time-consuming note-taking and manual data entry. Grain isn’t just another meeting recording tool; it’s a powerful conversation intelligence platform designed to automate note-taking, record-keeping, and insights capture for sales teams and beyond. Ditch the inefficiencies and focus on what matters most: coaching your team, closing deals, and driving growth. Grain empowers you to unlock valuable insights from your conversations, streamline workflows, and make data-driven decisions to achieve your business goals.

Why Choose Grain?

Struggling with inefficient meeting practices, lost insights, and difficulty measuring team performance? Grain offers a compelling solution:

  • Automated AI Notes and Recording: Capture every detail with automatic recording, transcription, and AI-powered note generation.
  • Meeting Automation: Eliminate manual data entry by automatically syncing notes to CRM records and enriching fields with relevant information.
  • Coaching and Collaboration Tools: Facilitate efficient coaching with playlists, comments, and time-stamped feedback features.
  • Deal Analytics and Insights: Gain valuable insights from your conversations with topic tracking, keyword alerts, and deal insights dashboards.
  • Seamless Integrations: Connect Grain with your existing CRM, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zapier, and more, for effortless data sharing and communication.

Who is Grain For?

While Grain is designed specifically for sales teams, its benefits extend to various roles:

  • Coach and onboard reps faster: Utilize playlists, comments, and coaching stats to identify areas for improvement and provide effective feedback.
  • Gain deal insights and improve win rates: Track deal progress, identify potential roadblocks, and optimize your sales strategy.
  • Focus on the conversation, not note-taking: Grain automatically captures key points, allowing you to stay engaged and present during meetings.
  • Review past interactions and refine your approach: Utilize recordings and AI notes to analyze past conversations and refine your sales techniques.
  • Product Managers: Gain valuable customer insights from sales calls to inform product development and improve user experience.
  • Customer Success Managers: Analyze customer interactions to identify potential issues and proactively address concerns.

Grain stands out as a game-changer in the conversation intelligence landscape. Its commitment to automated note-taking, meeting automation, coaching tools, deal analytics, and seamless integrations makes it an attractive choice for any organization looking to boost revenue, gain valuable insights, and unlock the power of their conversations. Ditch the inefficiencies and unlock the full potential of your team with Grain.




Customer Relationship Management
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Pricing and Features

Product Tier

Free Plan

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)

No Trial

  • Up to 20 meetings: Schedule, track, and manage your team’s meetings.
  • Team meeting: View and stay informed about all team meetings.
  • AI-powered insights: Gain basic summaries and insights from your meetings.
  • Collaborative workspace: Work together on meeting agendas, notes, and action items.

Starter Plan

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)

No Trial

  • Free Plan benefits: Includes all benefits from the free plan.
  • Unlimited meetings: Schedule and manage as many meetings as you need.
  • Enhanced engagement: Upload up to 10 recordings/month.
  • Administrative control: Manage user access and settings with admin tools.
  • Personalized insights: Customize AI notes to capture key takeaways.
  • Streamlined workflows: Integrate with Slack, Productboard, and Zapier.

Business Plan

Monthly Price


Yearly Price


Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)


Free Trial (Weeks)

No Trial

  • Free Starter benefits: Includes all benefits from the starter plan.
  • Unlimited uploads: Analyze and collaborate on all your meeting recordings.
  • AI Coaching: Get personalized feedback on your communication style.
  • Deal board: Track and manage your sales pipeline visually.
  • Team performance insights: Gain data-driven insights into team performance.
  • Smart Tags: Track specific topics and keywords in recordings.
  • CRM integrations: Connect with HubSpot, Salesforce, and Aircall.

Enterprise Plan



  • Free Starter benefits: Includes all benefits from the starter plan.
  • Enhanced Security: Ensure data protection with SAML-based single sign-on (SSO).
  • API Access (Beta): Integrate Grain with your existing tools and workflows.
  • Customizable Billing: Generate invoices tailored to your needs.
  • Customer Support: Personalized support from a dedicated manager.



Streamline Your Sales Coaching: Concluding Your Grain Journey

If your sales team’s coaching strategies change or they seek different conversation intelligence solutions, Grain offers a straightforward and efficient process to conclude your subscription. To ensure a smooth transition and avoid future charges, kindly visit this page.

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Product FAQ

What is Grain and what does it do?

Grain, a conversation intelligence platform, enhances meeting workflows and empowers sales teams by automating note-taking, meeting recording, and key insight capture. It enables users to concentrate on the conversation by leveraging AI to generate automatic meeting notes, fostering full engagement. Grain further streamlines data entry by automatically syncing meeting notes with CRM records, saving time and eliminating manual tasks. Collaboration and coaching are improved through features such as playlists and timestamped comments, facilitating knowledge sharing within teams. Valuable insights into deals are gained using topic trackers and keyword alerts, enhancing overall productivity.

What are the key features of Grain?

Grain enhances meeting experiences and captures valuable insights through a range of features. The platform offers AI Meeting Notes, which automatically generates notes using customizable templates and prompts. Meeting Automation ensures seamless syncing of notes with CRM records, with the ability to generate AI-powered follow-up emails based on meeting content. For coaching and collaboration, users can create playlists and share meeting recordings with comments, fostering knowledge sharing. Deal Analytics & Insights enable the tracking of topics, setting keyword alerts, and gaining insights to enhance sales pipeline visibility. Grain supports integrations with tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Slack for effortless data sharing and communication.

How does Grain ensure data privacy and security?

Grain places a high priority on data privacy and security, offering users control over their data and the ability to decide what information is recorded and shared. The platform is designed with a privacy-centric approach, emphasizing the confidentiality of participant information. To enhance security, Grain implements advanced measures such as encryption and access controls to safeguard user data effectively.

How does Grain integrate with other tools I already use?

Grain provides seamless integrations with a range of widely-used business tools, such as CRM systems like HubSpot and Salesforce, enabling automatic synchronization of notes and enhancement of contact and deal records. Additionally, integration with communication platforms like Slack facilitates the direct sharing of essential insights and video highlights within existing communication channels. Through Zapier connectivity, users can further extend Grain’s functionality by automating workflows based on tailored triggers. These integrations collectively streamline information flow, reduce manual data entry, and empower users to leverage Grain’s insights within their established tool ecosystems.

Who has access to meeting recordings and notes generated by Grain?

Grain empowers users with robust control over data access and sharing through various mechanisms. Admins can wield comprehensive control by defining user roles and permissions, specifying who can access, share, or edit meeting recordings and notes. Individual users have autonomy over their privacy settings, enabling them to determine who can view their meetings and notes. Furthermore, meeting hosts can exercise discretion by choosing to share recordings and notes selectively with specific attendees or keeping them entirely private. This commitment to user control underscores Grain’s dedication to prioritizing data privacy and ensuring that users can tailor access in accordance with their specific needs and preferences.

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