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Jitsu is a data integration platform facilitating real-time collection, unification, and analysis of diverse data sources. With a user-friendly interface, scalability, and versatility, it empowers data engineers, analysts, and decision-makers for efficient, informed decision-making.

Jitsu: Self-Hosted Open-Source Event Data Collection Tool - Get the most out of Jitsu

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How to Use:

Install Jitsu 1. Docker Compose:
    • Clone the Jitsu repository using git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/jitsucom/jitsu.
    • Navigate to the docker directory with cd jitsu/docker.
    • Copy the .env.example file to .env and follow the instructions at https://docs.jitsu.com/self-hosting/quick-start#edit-env-file.
    • For production deployments, refer to the guide provided.
2. Configure Jitsu:
  • Follow the Quick Start Guide available on the Jitsu documentation.
  • Familiarize yourself with Jitsu Concepts and browse the Destination Catalog.
3. Send Events:
  • Utilize multiple SDKs available for sending events:
    • HTML Snippet
    • React (including Next.js)
    • NPM Package (works in server-side Node.js as well)
    • HTTP API
    • Segment Compatible API
  • Jitsu is based on Bulker, an open-source data warehouse ingestion engine, which can be used as a standalone tool.
Additional Information:
  • Jitsu allows capturing event data from websites, apps, etc., and streaming them to a data warehouse or other services.
  • The Cloud version of Jitsu is available at use.jitsu.com, offering free usage up to 200k events per month and including a free ClickHouse instance.
  • Jitsu offers infinite developer flexibility with the ability to modify, filter, or augment events using Jitsu Functions, executed in a JavaScript runtime environment.
  • The tool is fully open source (MIT license) and self-hostable, providing features like automatic user identity construction, Clickhouse inclusion, custom domains, etc.
  • Developers can capture events, store them in a data warehouse, and then analyze them for insights into user behavior, engagement, and experience.
  • Jitsu supports real-time event streaming and user identity stitching, making it a comprehensive solution for event data collection and analysis.

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