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Keila is an open-source email newsletter platform hosted in the EU, empowering users to create and manage data-driven campaigns with ease. Import contacts, segment audiences, and ensure privacy compliance for effective marketing strategies.

Keila: Open Source Email Newsletter Service with Privacy and Control - Get the most out of Keila

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How to Use:

1. Fulfill Requirements:
  • Ensure you have a Docker container engine installed on your server.
  • You need a PostgreSQL database to run Keila.
2. Obtain Keila Docker Image: 3. Install Keila:
  • Pull the Keila Docker image to your server using the command specified in Docker Hub documentation.
  • Run the Docker container for Keila, ensuring it is connected to your PostgreSQL database.
4. Configuration and Setup:
  • Access the Keila application via the provided URL after installation.
  • Complete the initial configuration steps as prompted by the application.
  • Set up your email newsletter service according to your preferences and requirements.
5. Customize and Utilize Features:
  • Import existing contacts by uploading a CSV file to Keila.
  • Utilize custom data and tags for better organization and filtering of contacts.
  • Benefit from powerful segmentation capabilities offered by Keila for creating targeted campaigns.
  • Ensure privacy and data ownership as Keila respects user data privacy and allows self-hosting.
6. Monitor and Integrate:
  • Monitor the performance of your email campaigns with live statistics provided by Keila.
  • Integrate Keila with other applications using its powerful API for managing contacts and email campaigns.
7. Stay Updated and Participate:
  • Stay informed about the latest updates and features added to Keila.
  • Participate in the development process by following Keila on social media platforms and contributing to its GitHub repository.
Additional Information:
  • Keila is an open-source email newsletter service developed in Germany and hosted in the EU, emphasizing privacy and data control.
  • It offers a wide range of features including multi-column layouts, hybrid text & HTML emails, personalization, SMTP support, signup forms, spam protection, and more.
  • Users have full control over their data, and Keila ensures compliance with European privacy standards.
  • The project is actively developed with a roadmap of planned features and updates available on GitHub.

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