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LibreSign: Secure, open-source e-signatures for individuals and businesses. Choose LibreSign for effortless signing, robust security, and flexible workflows. Ideal for small teams, enterprises, and organizations aiming for a paperless, transparent future.


What is LibreSign?

Forget the hassle of printing, scanning, and mailing physical documents. LibreSign isn’t just a simple online signature tool; it’s a powerful and secure platform that empowers you to electronically sign and manage documents, collaborate effortlessly, and streamline your signing workflows. Ditch the outdated processes and embrace a paperless future with LibreSign, ensuring faster turnaround times, enhanced security, and a smoother signing experience for everyone involved.

Why Choose LibreSign?

Frustrated with complicated signing processes, limited features, and privacy concerns? LibreSign offers a compelling solution:

  • Effortless signing: Upload documents in various formats, add signers with ease, and collect e-signatures quickly and securely.
  • Robust security and compliance: Enjoy end-to-end encryption, audit trails, and compliance with international regulations for secure and trustworthy signings.
  • Advanced features: Leverage features like bulk signing, conditional routing, and automated reminders to optimize your workflows and save time.
  • Flexible and adaptable: Integrate LibreSign with your existing platforms and tools, ensuring a seamless signing experience within your preferred ecosystem.
  • Open-source and transparent: Benefit from the transparency and security of an open-source platform, with full control over your data and documents.
  • Free and affordable plans: Choose a plan that fits your needs and budget, with free options available for individual users and small teams.

Who is LibreSign For?

LibreSign empowers individuals, businesses, and organizations of all sizes:

  • Individuals: Sign personal documents, agreements, and contracts conveniently and securely from any device.
  • Small businesses: Manage signing workflows efficiently, save time and resources, and improve customer experience.
  • Large enterprises: Simplify complex signing processes, ensure compliance with industry regulations, and improve operational efficiency.
  • Government agencies: Foster transparency and citizen engagement by offering a secure and accessible platform for e-signatures.
  • Non-profit organizations: Streamline grant applications, donation agreements, and other documents with a reliable and cost-effective solution.

LibreSign stands out as a secure, versatile, and user-friendly platform that transcends the limitations of traditional signing methods. Its commitment to open-source principles, advanced features, and flexible pricing makes it an attractive choice for individuals and organizations seeking to modernize their signing processes, save time and resources, and embrace a more sustainable paperless future. Whether you’re signing a simple agreement or managing complex workflows, LibreSign empowers you to sign with confidence and achieve a smoother, more efficient signing experience.


Pricing and Features

Product Tier

Open Source



  • Open Source Solution: a free and open-source e-signature software.
  • Security and Agility: Prioritize security and agility in business transactions.
  • Hybrid Signatures: Opt for hybrid signatures for flexibility in digital signing.
  • Multiple Signers: Streamline digital document signing for multiple individuals.
  • Document Validation: Validate authenticity through QR Code technology.
  • Efficiency & Collaboration: Efficiency and collaboration in digital transformation.


Product FAQ

Data security and legal validity: Can I trust LibreSign for my sensitive documents?

LibreSign prioritizes security and legal compliance. They utilize PKI technology for secure digital certificates, adhering to the rigorous standards of ICP-Brasil, a recognized authority on electronic signatures. This ensures the authenticity and legality of every signed document, meeting the demands of businesses in various sectors.

Customizability and integrations: Can I adapt LibreSign to my specific workflow and integrate with existing tools?

While LibreSign offers a comprehensive set of features, you have some options for customization. Utilize their API to integrate with your existing document management systems or create custom workflows. Although native integrations with other tools are limited at this point, LibreSign’s open-source nature allows developers to contribute and expand its functionalities.

Offline functionality and international use: Can I use LibreSign without an internet connection and does it support international users?

LibreSign currently requires an internet connection for signing and document management. However, you can download signed documents for offline storage and reference. LibreSign supports multiple languages and caters to international users with features like customizable date and time formats. Explore their documentation for specific language availability and international compliance details.

Audit trails and record keeping: How can I track document activity and maintain records?

LibreSign provides detailed audit trails for all signing activities, including timestamps, signer information, and IP addresses. You can download these audit trails for record-keeping purposes, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Disaster recovery and business continuity: How does LibreSign ensure my documents are always available?

LibreSign implements robust disaster recovery measures. They regularly back up data and maintain redundant systems to ensure document availability even in unforeseen circumstances. This commitment to business continuity provides peace of mind for critical document management.

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