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Lowdefy transforms web development. For non-tech users, developers, and businesses, it's an open-source framework for easy configuration, rapid development cycles, and scalable solutions, enabling effortless building of custom web apps.


What is Lowdefy?

Forget the complexities of traditional web development and restrictive coding requirements. Lowdefy isn’t just another coding platform; it’s a revolutionary open-source framework that empowers individuals and teams of all skill levels to build and manage web applications with intuitive configuration and minimal coding. Ditch the steep learning curves and expensive custom development – Lowdefy provides a streamlined and accessible platform, allowing you to focus on your unique business needs and bring your ideas to life.

Why Choose Lowdefy?

Struggling with complex coding languages, limited customization, and expensive development costs? Lowdefy offers a compelling solution:

  • Effortless configuration: Build user interfaces, define data connections, and manage logic using easy-to-understand YAML or JSON files, eliminating the need for extensive coding knowledge.
  • Open-source and transparent: Leverage the benefits of an open-source platform, with full access to the source code and the ability to customize it to your specific needs.
  • Flexible and scalable: Build simple internal tools or complex enterprise applications; Lowdefy scales effortlessly to match your evolving requirements.
  • Fast development cycles: Eliminate weeks of development time with Lowdefy’s intuitive configuration, allowing you to launch applications quickly and iterate efficiently.
  • Plug-and-play integrations: Connect seamlessly with third-party services and databases using pre-built integrations, extending your app’s functionality with ease.
  • Secure and reliable: Enjoy comprehensive security features and a robust architecture built on the proven Next.js framework, ensuring trust and peace of mind.

Who is Lowdefy For?

Lowdefy empowers a diverse range of users:

  • Non-technical users: Business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing teams can build internal tools, dashboards, and custom applications without extensive coding knowledge.
  • Front-end developers: Rapidly prototype and build user interfaces, focusing on design and functionality rather than complex back-end development.
  • Full-stack developers: Enjoy the efficiency and scalability of Lowdefy for building production-ready applications while maintaining full control over the codebase.
  • Agencies and freelancers: Offer rapid development solutions to clients, delivering custom web applications with increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Lowdefy stands out as a game-changer in the web development landscape. Its commitment to open-source principles, easy configuration, and powerful features makes it an attractive choice for anyone seeking to build web applications without the limitations of traditional coding. Whether you’re a non-technical entrepreneur or a seasoned developer, Lowdefy empowers you to unlock your creative potential, build custom web apps with ease, and achieve your business goals faster and more cost-effectively.


Pricing and Features

Product Tier

Open Source



  • Web Framework: A source-available web framework for UIs and databases.
  • Extensible Functionality: Extend app functionality with npm plugins.
  • Data and API Connectivity: Connect to databases and APIs with minimal config.
  • NPM Plugin System: Extend Core Components and Functionality Flexibly
  • Authentication with Auth.js: Security and flexibility with Auth.js authentication.
  • Role-Based Access Control: Implement secure, granular access control.
  • Deploy Anywhere: Run as a Next.js app, deploy with Vercel, Docker, etc.


Product FAQ

What is Lowdefy and what can I build with it?

Lowdefy is a self-hosted, open-source “config web stack” aimed at developers interested in building web applications, internal tools, dashboards, and more. It utilizes YAML or JSON configuration files, offering a simpler alternative to traditional coding while retaining version control and collaboration features. Lowdefy boasts over 70 building blocks and logic operators to jumpstart your projects, along with extensive customization options via React components and NPM plugins.

How does Lowdefy handle data and API connections?

Lowdefy simplifies connecting your applications to data sources. Make API calls, read and write to databases, and build dynamic queries without extensive coding. Lowdefy secures sensitive information like passwords and API keys and allows building custom connections with any npm modules.

What are the benefits of Lowdefy compared to traditional development approaches?

Lowdefy’s key advantage lies in its visual configuration files, making it more accessible to developers and those with less coding experience. It promotes rapid development through pre-built components and plugins, while its open-source nature ensures transparency and long-term viability. Additionally, Lowdefy offers future-proof applications through Next.js and deployability on various platforms.

Security and authentication: How does Lowdefy ensure a secure experience?

Lowdefy leverages the robust Auth.js framework for secure user authentication. Integrate various providers like Google or Okta, implement Single Sign-On (SSO), and utilize two-factor authentication (2FA) for enhanced security. Additionally, Lowdefy’s configuration files are human-readable and can be version controlled, promoting transparency and auditability.

Is Lowdefy suitable for both individual developers and enterprise teams?

Yes, Lowdefy caters to both individual developers and enterprise teams. Its intuitive configuration system and extensive documentation make it easy to adopt, while its scalability and plugin ecosystem support complex enterprise needs. Furthermore, its open-source nature allows companies to avoid vendor lock-in and tailor the platform to their specific requirements.

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